Weekend Update/Ramblings

What?! A weekend update post so soon after giving birth? I must be crazy, and I have to admit my sleep deprived mind probably is a little. But I find I have so many thoughts about motherhood and about this week in general that I wanted to share just a few here for you guys but also for myself to read back on later. This post will not be edited/proofread and my mind is running on maybe 20 hours of sleep for the past 5 days so be warned that there will probably be errors and/or this post may not make sense lol.

Guess which day I become a mom lol

Guess which day I become a mom lol


I don’t even know where to start. Motherhood is such a trip, or maybe more like jumping off a cliff really. I was never one of those girls who always wanted to be a mom. And I wrote in the past that I actually came to terms with the fact that I might not end up being one and I was totally ok with that. So I never really bought into the “mama” tribe thing. Like I would tune out women who would wax on about the joys of motherhood and even get annoyed at some women who would only talk about their children. Or whenever someone said the most fulfilling thing they’ve ever done was be a mom, I thought it was a bit cliche. But now I’m starting to get it. Just giving birth and figuring out how to take care of a newborn feels like some sort of special hazing to get into a sorority— the motherhood sorority. And currently it’s hell week lol. Surgery pain, lack of sleep, frustrations and pressure with breastfeeding (and man Kaiser is relentless about this), and a crying baby are all overwhelming. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining but this is hands-down one of the toughest weeks of my life (and I did pledge a sorority once—and later dropped out lol). But through it all I find these perfect quiet moments where I just stare at my sleeping daughter, and it makes it all worth it (I would do all this and more in a heartbeat just to be her mom). And I just can’t believe I she’s my baby. I love her so much and I’ve only known her 5 days.

P.S. I won’t be posting any pictures of my girl here because INTERNET, though I have posted some pictures to Insta story (since those only last 24 hours).

Ingrid and Isabel Maternity Review

One of the brands I got to try during my Rent the Runway (RTR) trial, was Ingrid and Isabel. I first heard of them through their Target line of leggings (reviewed here and sorry to say I wasn’t impressed). So I wasn’t expecting much when I rented their items on RTR. But I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and design of their items! Their items are well and thoughtfully made for the pregnant woman, and the fabric quality was much like that of Storq (reviewed here) and I would say even better than Hatch (reviewed here). The only drawback to this brand is that like most conventional brands we don’t know anything behind their ethics of production (this is “their story” here). But if you to plan only buy a handful of maternity items and use them frequently, then at least you are still purchasing consciously and using your item conscientiously (which is the foundation of an ethical closet IMO). Or you could do what I did and rent the item so that you’re sharing rather than consuming. I think this is perfect if you have qualms about adding faux leather (and other plastic derived clothing) to your wardrobe, like the item below.

ingrid and isabel maternity review

{Wearing: Vetta Oversized Sweater, Ingrid and Isabel faux leather maternity leggings (rented from Rent the Runway), Everlane Boss Mules (reviewed here), Acne Studios Musubi Mini Bag (review coming soon)}

So I really really loved the faux leather leggings from Ingrid and Isabel. They fit great under the belly (I’m a size M and it was TTS), and they were super thick so no VPL in the back. The back of the leggings are a soft thick stretch cotton, while the front was the faux leather. So the leggings were the ultimate in comfort but looked so sleek from the front. If think these are a great alternative to regular ‘ole maternity leggings and it helps to make it seem like you’re wearing actual pants (when you’re not). I’m 5’4” and found the length to be the perfect ankle length without having to bunch up the leggings (but if you’re quite a bit taller, these are definitely going to be short on you). They’re also perfect for the California winters since they’re warm enough and the front repels rainwater, keeping you nice and dry. I was very much tempted to buy these so they have a permanent place in my closet, but I felt like once I’m post-pregnancy I probably would rather go back to my regular pants so I’m going to wait on acquiring these.

ingrid and isabel maternity review

The other item I tried and loved from Ingrid and Isabel, was their shirred maternity dress. It’s mostly made of micromodal so it’s super soft but there’s 10% spandex for stretch. What I loved about this dress is that the shirred parts were perfectly designed to not only accommodate the belly in the front but to also prevent any VPL in the back. So even though the material is thin and stretchy (perfect for the summer really), it doesn’t feel as revealing. It is quite form fitting though, and so for me personally (who’s not a real fan of the big belly bump look—I’m more in the camp of the discrete loose flowing maternity dresses) it wouldn’t be something I’d wear regularly. I think if you’re the kind of mama-to-be that wants to accentuate the bump though, this is definitely the dress for you.

Anyway this will be the last of my maternity reviews! I hope you’ve enjoyed them while they lasted (you can find them all here). Since I review what I buy I’m sure you’ll be seeing reviews of some baby items in the near future. But otherwise you’ll be seeing a review of my one acquisition per month (new year’s resolution) and hopefully some outfit repeating of my pre-pregnancy clothes (can’t wait to wear all my slow fashion items again!!).