Weekend Update/Ramblings

So Everlane has asked me again if I wanted anything from their July line-up to style and feature on the blog.  Since I told myself this is a No Buy July I debated on whether or not I should pass up this option (sorry if you already went through this on Insta-story with me since I'm just rehashing it here).  In the end I decided to pick out two things (originally I had decided on one, but ended up also picking out the split tee dress because I'm bad at balance like that >.<).  Also I've been working on this blog and reviewing Everlane for three years now and I'm finally getting gifted pieces so it's kind of a bummer that I've somehow headed into the minimal/sustainable closet movement as well.  But then again when you know better, you have to do better.  And better in this case means less.


Also speaking of balance, everyone's balance is going to look different.  My definition of balance is probably on the side of excess since I'm a blogger and the main way I get views to this blog is by putting out new content (which for me are reviews).  So unfortunately getting new stuff is the life blood of this kind of "review blogging".  But I'd like to think at least I'm supporting brands that are trying to do better (and I still turn a lot of brands down).  Also I'm thinking of trying out new content that will slowly get away from reviews of new items.  So we'll see how that goes.  

Everlane mockneck muscle tank review

But as a side note, I did go to Everlane this past week because I really wanted to try their new crop tee and double v tank in person.  I mentioned in last weekend's post that I wanted to buy them after No Buy July was over.  Well unfortunately they didn't have them in stock at the store so I didn't get to try them on.  But now that I look at more pictures of them, I think I'm over them (yay for waiting on buying them and then losing interest).  BUT I did try on the cotton mockneck muscle tank (size small) and I fell in love.  I wanted to buy it right then and there but I respected the No Buy July and decided to just put it on the running wishlist.  I loved it because in some ways it kind of reminded me of a soft cotton, non-cropped version of my linen Elizabeth Suzann Petra crop.  I think in my old age I like a top that comes up high on the neckline so as to cover my chest (since I'm already starting to get wrinkles there, boo) and I appreciate the the sleeveless-ness to prevent farmer tan lines.  I debated not telling you guys about this top on the off-chance it sells out before July is up, but then thought that would be selfish (but please, don't all go and buy it now in the size small because I reeeaaaally want to buy it in August).  Also speaking of the running wishlist, I also want to get the new Harlow Tunic in linen over at ES.  It looks like a fun breezy top and another unique silhouette I would love to experiment with.

In other news, we're going to be moving out of our trailer by the end of the month and so I'll soon be a regular-suburban-house wifey, lol.  I've come up with a new name (sorry not going to reveal it yet), but now I've got to work on updating the site and moving everything over to the new url.  I feel like it's going to a big (but necessary) pain.  In the mean time, posts may become slightly sporadic while I put more time in the the other parts of the blog that's not writing.

The Stylebook App 6 month recap: What did I wear the most so far this year

Wow can you believe it, half the year is over already?  Spring has come and gone and we are now in full summer mode!  Well I did a recap of what I wore the most after the first 3 months of the year, so I thought I would do another one for the 2nd quarter of the year.  I really loved writing that first post since it helped me 1) be mindful of what I'm actually wearing in my closet and 2) helped me realize that even with a ton of clothing, I only really wear the same stuff all the time (so maybe I don't need so much clothing?).  Well I at least do not need to buy any more clothes for the next several months, especially since I got an influx of new things in June and don't know when I'll get those wear counts up!

Anyway just like last time, I'm not going to count the bags here since they're used on the daily and I also don't log my tees on the app since I wear them all the time as well (and treat them somewhat like undershirts).  So as you'll see the things that end up being worn and logged the most are my pants and shoes.

Most worn s018.jpg

1) Vince Blair Sneakers (similar here): Still holding the number one spot.  I guess when you end up wearing it almost everyday in the winter, it keeps its number one position.  I rotate shoes more in the summer, so the wear count for each shoe is less.  I'm just a summer shoe kind of person, while I don't really care in the winter so I wear the same darn thing.

2) Elizabeth Suzann Linen Clydes (reviewed here): This is hands down my favorite pair of summer pants.  The linen breathes and I never sweat in these.  And I also love that they're high waisted and cropped at the ankles.  When I first got it, I wore it everyday for weeks.  Even though it cost a pretty penny ($255), I'm down to $5.20/wear which isn't bad at all.  Compare that to the Zara stuff that I bought impulsively for $40 and $50, which are still at $10/wear and $25/wear respectively.  Aaaand I'm already ready to get rid of the Zara stuff.  This really shows me that it's not how much something costs so much as how many times are you really going to wear it.

3) Frame Denim (old, similar here): Also still holding on to it's position, which isn't surprising since like I said before it's my favorite pair of jeans.

4) Everlane Street Sandals (no longer available, reviewed here): This has been my favorite summer shoe for the last 3 years running and I'm on my second pair, having worn the stuffing out of my first pair.  This time I cut off the elastic before it got all gross and dirty so now I can slip my feet in and out easily (but the 2 leather straps keep it secure enough to keep on, even when running).  I actually have one more pair of this exact shoe ready for when this second pair putters out.  Yep, that's how much I love this simple-looking lightweight shoe.  And it's no wonder that these were in my lowest cost per Everlane post here.  It'll probably show up on that list for this year as well.

5) Birkenstock: I recently purchased this shoe in May after resisting wearing Birkenstocks for years.  I've always viewed these shoes as very granola and a tad ugly.  I didn't want to follow the trend but in the end resistance was futile.  And there's a good reason these shoes are so popular, they're comfy as heck.  And it shows since I've worn them 23 days already in a month and half.

6) Everlane Day Heel Mule (reviewed here): This shoe is my current favorite pair of heeled shoes.  I wear it constantly and it shows on the app, though not on the shoes (these still look great due to the awesome leather quality).  Now that these shoes are broken in a bit (it took about one day of 4 hours of wear), they are hands down the comfiest heels I own.  Plus I love that I can just slip in and out of them without having to fuss with straps or buckles.  I've worn these shoes everywhere and plan to wear them even more (and just yesterday I even talked about getting a second pair in the natural suede).

7) Rothy's Pointed Flats (reviewed here): Another summer shoe has made the top 10.  I've worn these everywhere as well and are my favorite pair of closed toe flats.  They're the perfect summer shoe since they breathe pretty easily and are easy to wash.  I've washed mine already and yep I can attest they're as good as new when you do.

8) Everlane Modern Utility Jacket (reviewed here): This was my spring jacket this year.  It really was the perfect light spring jacket, especially for my job since I needed all the pockets for walkie-talkies and other Airstream gear.  Can't wait to bust this jacket out again in the fall!

9) Everlane Long Sleeve Cotton Crew Sweater (reviewed here):  And this was my spring sweater this year.  It was the perfect layering piece and it fit under my Modern Utility jacket.  This was my go to combo all spring.

10) Everlane Wool-Cashmere Sweater (no longer available, reviewed here): This sweater was in the number 3 position (with 16 wears) back in March.  I haven't worn it since then but because it was my most worn sweater in the winter it's still holding on to the top 10.  

So what lessons have I learned from the last 3 months of keeping track of what I wore?  Well first of all, the items that can be worn over multiple seasons are the ones that are naturally worn the most and so you get the best bang for your buck.  Also new items that become fast favorites also are worn the most.  And again this exercise has driven home to me the ole' 80/20 rule: I wear 20% of my clothes, 80% of the time.  But of course a girl always wants to have options so I plan to keep the rest of my clothes around (especially now that I have a closet to actually fit them all in).  But in general this logging of things I wear is a really useful way of making sure I'm being mindful of wearing what I buy.  And since I'm having a No Buy July, I plan to get my wear counts up even more.  Anyways can't wait to see how the next 3 months play out!