My Best And Worst Purchases From 2017 And The Lessons I Learned

As a continuation of sorts of my post about learning how to shop mindfully, today I'm going to review my best and worst purchases of 2017.  When I reviewed all the things I purchased to make this list I had to laugh (this was me on a shopping ban?!).  Anyway I hope by analyzing my purchases, and learning the lessons behind some of my mistakes, I can be more mindful in the future of what I'm buying.

The Best

1) Marley's Monsters facial rounds and machine-washable sponges: Still going strong with these items and goes to show that when you upgrade to zero waste items, they will become your workhorses (as long as they are made well, which these are).  I actually put in second order during their birthday sale this year to try more things.

2) Plaine Products: I also re-ordered a bulk supply of their original line of shampoo, conditioner and body wash for myself and for my Airstream guests after writing that initial review.  Yes, they're not the most luxe products out there but they do the job and don't break me out.  Plus I am no longer producing waste from my bath products.  Again going zero waste has steered me right in this case.

3) Secondhand Georgia Tee from eBay: So I wasn't supposed to buy any clothes in 2017 but then I got it into my head that if it was an even "trade" then it was ok.  Well I'm glad I did break the rules, otherwise this beautiful top from Elizabeth Suzann wouldn't have entered my life.  This was actually my first ES piece and I love it.  Lesson with this one?  Sometimes it pays to break the rules?  Or maybe a slow fashion item on the secondhand market is extra sweet.  I also bought the Tilda pants secondhand but the size wasn't right on those so I sold it back through eBay and ended up paying $20 for the experience of trying them on (but also not having to wait a whole month to do so).

4) Patagonia swim wear: So again more clothes during the year of no-clothes shopping, but I made the exception because I was investing in my fitness.  After my ski accident earlier last year and the need to change my workout routine, I had to get the proper gear for my new swim workouts.  And I haven't regretted the purchase one bit.  I'm still swimming weekly (most of the time) and so I'm still wearing these suits all the time.  They've held up really well!

5) My Celine wallet from Fashionphile: Again purchased this one because I needed a proper wallet.  It looks like my best purchases (like #4 above) are items that fulfill a specific need.  No regrets on breaking the shopping ban for this one.

The Worst

1) This backpack from Building Block: it was an impulse buy, purchased on sale when I was killing time with shopping.  Mistakes all around!  Lessons learned: a) don't kill time with shopping b) especially when there's sales c) and no impulse purchases during sales season (only items you've already had your eye on).  Also realized I'm just not a backpack person.  

2) All my Glossier purchases except for one item (review 1 and review 2): Hyped-about skin care for the general public is just not doable for my super sensitive acne-prone skin.  The boy brow was the only thing I liked and used up.  But I don't want to re-purchase it because I don't need to be adding more plastic to landfills just for better brows (especially when I'm perfectly happy with my Shu Uemura brow pencil that has lasted me 5+ years and which when it's gone, won't leave any plastic around).  I did keep the boy brow container though since the wand is great for combing out brows.  I wonder if I can refill it with some kind of natural product and reuse it?

3) This Supergoop set: Again same lesson as #2 above, I can't be buying beauty products willy nilly because it looks good.  Packaging got me again.  And now I've contributed more plastic to landfills SMH.

4) Akamai products: Also, did not do much research on this one, but went off one blogger's recommendation.  I probably will take that blogger's reviews with a grain of salt because I did not like any of these products.  I did force myself to use up the skin oil but couldn't finish any of the other stuff.  Just because a sustainability-focused blogger promotes eco-friendly products, doesn't mean as much this day and age I guess (and that motivates me to make sure my reviews are better and more accurate than ever).

5) Loewe Hammock Bag (reviewed here): Yep, I purchased a new bag during my shopping ban (well more than one).  This time breaking the rules did not pay-off.  But I did research this bag thoroughly, so I thought it was for me.  But in the end I was trying to use this when what I really wanted was the Hermes LindyOnce I got the Lindy, I realized all the ways this bag wasn't as good.  Maybe the lesson on this one is don't buy a placeholder, and instead save your money for the thing you really want.  Lost quite a lot of money on this lesson!

I'm interested to hear, what were some of your best and worst purchases in 2017 and why?