Everlane $100 Cashmere Sweater and Silk Review

{Oct 2016 edit: Hi guys just so you know I've done a bunch of reviews on Everlane items (and many many of their sweaters) and you can find them all on my Everlane Reviews post here.}

Recently Everlane released a bunch of new sweaters and sweatshirts so I thought it was about time to do another sweater review (and like my other Everlane sweater and silk shirt review, I'm adding the one stray silk shirt that I purchased along with the sweaters).  Today I'll be reviewing Everlane's Sweater Tee, the Everlane scuba sweatshirt, the Cashmere Cropped Crew, the regular Cashmere Crew, and the Modern Silk Point Collar.   

I reviewed Everlane's Chunky Wool Knit cardigan separately here.  And I reviewed the Everlane Donegal Wool Sweater here.

Like the other reviews, I'll be listing what I have, a quick note about quality, and what size I wear (I'm usually a size 4 or small on top, size 2 at places like GAP or sometimes Jcrew){note: I like my sweaters on the looser side, so if you are fit and like them fitted I say size down}:

The Everlane Sweater Tee is made of a thin material that's cotton, nylon and wool.  It looks like it might be a cool sweater but the material feels itchy and the fit is way oversized (I ordered a small and it felt like a large).  Not comfortable and not flattering.  So I sent it back.

I also didn't have much success with the scuba sweatshirt.  I ordered it in a size XS (though I usually wear a small in most Everlane clothes) because the sweatshirt already looked a bit oversized.  Well it was.  The XS felt like a large and I felt like a football player wearing this sweatshirt--not flattering at all.  Another return.

But the $100 cashmere crew sweaters are a different story.  I purchased both the regular crew neck as well as the cropped crew neck versions of their cashmere sweaters.  And I loved them both.  A lot.  In fact I'm debating on ordering another one after I did my Everlane vs. J.Crew Cashmere Sweater Comparison Review (I'm thinking of getting the light gray in the regular crew neck).  {P.S. Thanks Grechen from grechenscloset for the heads up, I forgot to add the sizes I got in these.  I got a small for both the cropped and regular crew neck cashmere sweaters.  And if you're curious on how much shorter the cropped version is here are the measurements: the regular sweater is 23.5" from shoulder to bottom hem while the cropped version is 19.5" from shoulder to bottom hem in the front and the back (which is a bit longer) is 22". }

So why did I love these sweaters so much?  Well first the price point.  I think for grade A quality cashmere, $115-$125 is a pretty fair price.  If the quality is as good as they say it is, then these sweater should last me a long time.  Also I love the fit on both of the crew neck styles.  The cropped version is perfect for a pair of high-waisted jeans or pencil skirt.  Or you could also layer it over a collared shirt.  A little trendy, but a great look for anyone who has short legs like me. 

whowatwear.com and vivaluxury

whowatwear.com and vivaluxury

On the other hand, the regular crew neck style is a classic look that will never go out of style.  I'm tempted to buy more of these sweaters though in reality I'm not sure how often I would wear them.  These sweaters are 2-ply or 3-ply cashmere (I detail all the differences in my cashmere review), and so they are super thick and warm.  Which is great for the winter...except indoors and outdoors when it's windy (the soft cashmere doesn't stand a chance again that biting SF wind).  So I guess it's best worn as a layer under a jacket.  Well we'll see.  And I'll get back to you on how often I end up wearing these, when, and how the cashmere stands up.

And finally I purchased the Modern Silk Collar shirt (in small) awhile ago and never had a chance to review it.  Now I see they have more silk tops, and I tempted to get the long-sleeve collar-less version.  I reviewed the sleeveless version of their silk top before and I loved it.  The silk felt thick and durable and the fit was great.  I would say the Modern Collar shirt is also a high-quality silk shirt with a great fit.  Here's another blogger's review of Everlane's silk and cashmere selection from last year.  And if you're looking for more info on the chunky wool sweater, here's a year later review from Grechen's closet (the short story: it looks like last year's chunky wool pilled a lot, but Everlane has fixed the problem for this year's sweaters).

Like all my other reviews, this review is done with items I've purchased for myself and are not sponsored.  Find all my Everlane reviews here and you can purchase all Everlane items here (a referral link).  Thanks for reading!

Update: I got a request for an update so here's the link to how my Everlane clothes are holding up.