5 things Friday

1.  This 100 years of Korean beauty, it's a makeup tutorial and history lesson in one.  Full video here.

2.  And I finally caught up with the rest of the world and started watching Mad Men.  

Yea, I've been missing out.  I love everything about it, the writing, the acting, the camera work and the style.  Having never watched the show, I never really thought Jon Hamm was all that hot, but being Don Draper makes him more attractive.  

Lol, okay maybe not there.  

Coincidentally I'm reading To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink while I've been watching Mad Men.  I'm starting to feel a little bit like a sheep here...

3. Speaking of white fluffy things:


It's like there's an actual thought bubble over Alber Elbaz's head.

Karl vs. the cloud Walk Off

This is the work of Berndaut Smilde who creates actual clouds in the photos instead of using photoshop.  I especially like the 3rd photo, it reminds me of God.

4. Want to know what the latest "It bag" is?  It's the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag.  And how hard is it to get one directly from their site?  Impossible.  Since I knew the restock was coming I decided to try get one on Thursday.  We all knew it was happening on 3/19, just not when.  So I was keeping an eye out for the restock and when it went live around 2pm Cali time, I tried to get one. I could not get a single bucket bag.  Shopify, the site they're using, will allow you to put it in your cart but when you try to check out it says it's not in stock.  I was able to get as far as the check out process for a backpack, but then decided not to bite the bullet since I don't even like the backpack.  Of course when I tried to buy the backpack again 2 minutes later, it was out of stock, and it made me want it a little (but really only to resell, not to wear).  The next restock is in May!  What does this it bag look like?

You know they oddly remind me of sheep....

If you want a business perspective about this, read about it here.

5.  And I got my first informal interview from a job application submission!

Ok ok I know I shouldn't get ahead of myself here BUT I'm just happy and grateful someone saw my one year hiatus on my resume and didn't just write me off.  Wish me luck!