Linenfox Review: Linen Pants / Culottes

I’ve had these Linenfox linen wide leg pants in my closet for awhile but due to my fibroids I’ve been avoiding pants altogether. However since my fibroids have been shrinking slightly thanks to a $500 hormone shot (and that’s just how much I paid, the “real cost” is closer to $5000 eek!), I’ve started to ease my way back to pants. And the first pair of pants I really wanted to wear ever since giving birth, were these Linenfox pants that I ordered while I was still pregnant (talk about counting your chickens before they hatch lol). And even if the fibroids make these pants kind of tight, I still love wearing them!

You know how I said that Linenfox’s top was like a dupe for Elizabeth Suzann’s Georgia Tee? Well I would say that Linenfox’s wide leg pants seem quite similar to Elizabeth Suzann’s Clyde Culotte, except the Linenfox version isn’t quite as cropped and their pockets don’t go all-around the hip. And I appreciate that the pockets don’t go all the way around because it keeps the hip profile slim (though of course the pockets aren’t as big on these compared to the Clyde culottes). Also the rise of the Linenfox version isn’t as high at 12.2” (vs. the ES Clyde Culotte at 13.5”). Aaaand the Linenfox version is about $182 cheaper though the wait is longer since they’re being shipped from Lithuania (plus the 3-4 week production time). But quite frankly it is worth the wait. (But please note I don’t have the ES Clyde Culottes so I can’t directly compare the two pants).

Linenfox review wide leg pants

When I compare these Linenfox pants to my Only Child Cove Wide Leg Pants (reviewed here and pictured below), I find that I like these Linenfox pants a tad more because 1) the Linenfox pants have pockets and 2) the Linenfox pants are slimmer through the hips. But again the rise of the Linenfox pants aren’t as high as the OC Cove pants, which have a 14” rise. The Linenfox pants are about $152 cheaper than the OC Cove pants.

Cove pants on top of the Linenfox pants

Cove pants on top of the Linenfox pants


I ordered these Linenfox pants in a medium here at the regular length (and that’s what’s pictured), but I plan on getting them hemmed. I’ll post some pics of the new hem length once I get them altered. But if you already know what length you want the pants you can skip the hassle and message them directly with the length you want and they can make it shorter (or longer) for you. That’s what so great about ordering from a slow fashion brand that makes things to order (plus there’s no excess products made that might be wasted).

Linenfox review linen culottes
Linenfox review wide leg pants

{Wearing: Only Child Alta top in raw silk (reviewed here), Linenfox wide leg pants, Everlane boss mules (reviewed here)}

If you’ve been wanting to try a pair of wide leg linen pants from a slow fashion small business but can’t quite swing the domestic pricing, then I highly recommend getting these Linenfox pants. And you already know that I love the linen quality from Linenfox (read my ethical fashion linen comparison post here). It might be a tad thinner than the linen from ES and OC but in some especially hot and humid locales, the thinner linen works better.

Also if you think linen season is already over, linen can actually be surprisingly insulating in the winter. But if you live somewhere terribly cold, you can also layer some leggings underneath these wide leg pants for the perfect look plus comfort.

Anyway while I was looking up the specs for these pants I got tempted into purchasing another item from Linenfox: this oversized linen coat (and I’m eeexxciiited!). My number of Linenfox items are increasing, and for good reason! Their clothing is both superbly made and well-priced!