A different kind of post about Black Friday shopping from a blogger & a Giveaway! {Closed}

So the holiday season has begun, eh?  Well like most people of my generation, I'm tempted by all the deals on Cyber Week (yep it's no longer just for Monday, it's going on all week folks) but not so much for Black Friday (being amongst a mad consumeristic mass of people?  No thanks).  But as I mentioned in a previous post, this year I'm going to try to do things differently: commit to purchasing items that are from ethical/sustainability-focused brands or directly from craftsmans/artisans.  

So with that in mind here are some of the items I've purchased for myself from artisans in the past which I'll be purchasing for my friends as gifts because I really loved their products (as for my favorite ethical brands you know them: Everlane, Grana, Cuyana, and Amour Vert).

In no particular order (the links to each business is in the header btw):

Little Seed Farm- Goat's Milk Soap

(Made in Wilson County, Tennesse)

Ever since a trip to Tennessee several years ago I've been hooked on these natural soaps from Little Seed Farms.  Run by a husband and wife team, all soaps are hand made from goat's milk produced on their farm (every box has a picture of a different goat from their farm) and includes only the gentlest ingredients like olive oil and coconut oil.  My favorite scents are rose, lavender, and rosemary mint.

Salt Farm-Black Truffle Salt

(Made in San Diego, California)

Currently I'm going through my 4th large bottle of this and my addiction is still going strong.  I add this to everything I would normally add salt to (like a soft boiled egg, an avocado, or a steak) and it makes everything taste 10 times better.  I've tried other black truffle salts before from both Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table and this is hands down the winner (though I have to say I did pick up a bottle of black truffle salt in Italy and I would say that was equal to if not a bit better than Salt Farm's but that was just a unicorn really).  Unlike other black truffle salts, this has 10% black truffle (it's usually 5% or made from "black truffle flavorings" whatever that means).  If a $40 bottle of salt sounds ridiculous (it did to me too but really this lasts a very long time), they also have a set of 3 small salt vials.  They also do other gourmet salts which I found to be equally tasty and of high quality.

Missionary Chocolates- Vegan Truffles

(Made in Portland, Oregon)

So I'm not even a vegan guys but these chocolates are amazing.  Better than most non-vegan truffles in fact.  I recently discovered them during our short stay in Portland during our road trip and I loved them so much I brought back boxes and boxes for friends and family.  While I was there picking up my 10 boxes, I had a great conversation with one of the chocolatiers (since he was hand packing each box, it took a good 20 minutes or so) and learned more about this small company, and let me tell you they do this as a labor of love.  My favorite flavors were the peppermint, the meyer lemon explosion (soooo goood), and the simply espresso.

Amelia Samari- The Basket

(Made in Hawaii)

On a recent trip home (Honolulu) I stumbled upon these baskets at a local shop (Mori Hawaii, which btw I love love love) and was stoked to find that the maker, Amelia had just put up a new website so that you can order these baskets directly from her with your custom color choices.  I ordered several baskets in various color and sizes and they are the perfect thing as a catchall for odds and ends.  Instead of using plastic trays (which would persist in the environment long after I'm done with them) I prefer these hand sewn rope baskets, which are surprisingly sturdy.  And despite the fact that these baskets are custom made, they aren't ridiculously priced.

Giveaway time!

Anyway as a thank you to all my readers this year I'm doing a giveaway of all 4 items mentioned above (specifically 1 large bar of soap, the small vial of black truffle salt, a box of truffles, and a small basket).  The giveaway will end on midnight Sunday December 11 and one winner will be announced on Monday the 12th (I'll email you directly).  To enter just 1) follow me on facebook (TemporaryHousewifey) or Instagram (@TemporaryHousewifey) and 2) fill out the form below: {side note:  Oh and if you're already following my facebook page or Instagram then just fill out the form, thanks guys!}

I hope your shopping today is both enjoyable and mindful!