Spring 10x10 Looks 8, 9 & 10

Hi guys, I'm combing the last three looks all in one post since it's been a really busy week and I haven't had much time for blogging!  So without further ado...

Look 8

Wearing: Grana silk crop tank (review coming soon), Elizabeth Suzann Tilda pants (review coming soon), M.Gemi The Docente

Wednesday we delivered an Airstream to a customer so I needed something easy to move around it.  I wore these M.Gemi mules for the look but later changed to sneakers since mules aren't the most practical footwear when getting in and out of pick up trucks.

Look 9

Wearing: Grana silk mini v-neck slip dress (review here), Everlane wide leg crop pants (review here), Everlane modern loafer mules (review coming soon)

Thursday was spent just hanging out at the garage/office and since we didn't have any customers and again no was going to see me in these outfits, I went with something unusual.  I would say combining the Grana dress over Everlane's wide leg pants was a great experimental look but not something I would repeat again.  It's a bit too out there for my taste.  But hey at least I tried it right?

Look 10

Spring 10x10 Challenge Look 10 (1 of 1)-2.jpg

Wearing: Grana sleeveless blazer (review here), Grana silk crop tank (review coming soon), Elizabeth Suzann Tilda linen pants (review coming soon), Everlane modern loafter mules (review coming soon), old Balenciaga work bag (similar here)

This is basically look 8 with the sleeveless blazer thrown on top.  I like the look of the blazer with the silk tank but I feel it adds a lot of volume to an already voluminous hip area (due to the linen Tilda pants).  But the sleeveless blazer does hide the butt area, which I'm sorry to say is not flattering in these pants.  Even after the end of this 10x10 I'm not sure I'm keeping these ES pants since I'm just not accustomed to my pants being so wide at the hips.  This is probably going to back on eBay but if someone is interested in purchasing just email me.  These pants are size Medium-short and I'll be listing them for $125 but will sell to a reader for $100 including shipping.

What I Learned

Having looked back at all the various outfits I was able to make with 6 items of clothing I learned that:

1) Not all combos are going to work, but that's okay.  It's fun to just try it out

2) Sometimes you need to wear things multiple times in a challenge like this to finally get the hang of styling some items.  When I first received the Grana silk sleeveless blazer I did a terrible job at styling it.  But now I feel confident in wearing it, and in fact I love it now because it gives me extra pockets when I need them

3) And sometimes you can wear things multiple times in a challenge like this and realize that some items of clothing just don't work for you.  And that's when you have to pass them along to someone else to try out.

Whew I can' wait to go back to wearing regular clothes again!  And I'm going to take it easy on the silks and linens for awhile.  I miss my good 'ole cotton tees and denim jeans!


Spring 10x10 Looks 6 & 7

Look 6

Wearing: Elizabeth Suzann Georgia Tee (review here) and Grana Silk Mini v-neck dress (review here), M.Gemi The Docente mules (review here), and Loewe hammock bag (review coming soon)

Monday was a busy day sending off 2 groups of guests (but I didn't have to do any heavy lifting today) so I decided to go with a simple and easy look.  I love how the ES Georgia Tee looks over the dress, especially since I sometimes find Grana's dress to be a bit too low cut at times (especially in a work setting).  The Georgia Tee is a perfect cover up and keeps the look casual.


Look 7

Wearing: Grana silk sleeveless blazer (review here), Grana silk mini v-neck dress (review here), Elizabeth Suzann linen Tilda pants (review coming soon), M.Gemi the Docente mules (review here), Mansur Gavriel mini lady bag (review here)

Today I'm trying to go with that 'art gallery curator' vibe with the same mini silk dress over the ES Tilda pants.  I'm actually really liking the look of the dress over these particular pants because I sometimes find the Tilda pants to be quite voluminous in the hips so the dress covers that, and I like how the Tilda pants flare just a tiny bit at the ankles.  Though the scarf might be too much for the look, like I said I'm not a huge fan of the low cut so the scarf covers the exposed chest area.  Since there are no customers today and the only people to see me today is my husband (along with the other "bros" that work at auto complex I work in--but they already think I'm weird anyway since I'm the girl that takes pictures in front of the garage doors lol), so I just went with this over the top look.  I guess things get interesting when you do a 6x10!

Spring 10x10 Looks 4 & 5

Look 4

Day 4 was just another day at the Airstream garage and sending off another customer.  For days like these it's best that I wear darker pants and that's why I love my Everlane wide leg crop pants.  They're comfortable and casual but also pretty practical.


Look 5

And finally look 5 today (TGIF!).  Today is a pretty chill day: just some errands and some time at the office garage.  But since I don't need to do any heavy lifting, this silk dress and silk vest combo (both from Grana) totally work.  I'm totally starting to warm up to this vest, especially because it gives me pockets on days when I don't wear pants (for my original review, I wasn't a fan of this "sleeveless blazer" as Grana calls it).  So I'm really glad I added this item to my 10x10 challenge!  

Spring 10x10 Looks 2 & 3


Look 2

Wearing Grana Silk V-neck crop tank, Grana silk mini slip dress, and Everlane oxfords

I actually didn't take a picture of this combo yesterday so I pulled these pics from when I reviewed Grana's mini slip dress.  Yesterday I wore the combo sans necklace and different shoes, but since it was an easy day at work showing one customer around an Airstream, I decided why not be a little dressed up.

Look 3

Wearing: Grana silk v-neck crop tank, Everlane wide leg crop pants (review here), Everlane Street Sandals (review here), and Loewe hammock bag (similar here)

Today I'm wearing Grana's silk v-neck crop tank again but with Everlane's wide leg crop pants this time.  I love the versatility of the silk crop tank and also this combo of navy and black (which to be honest is probably one of my favorite color combos though I've been told before that they don't go together, but eh I like it).   I like this look a lot in general and plan to put it on repeat when this challenge is over!