Unsponsored Sarah Flint Review: Lana Flats

After seeing Sarah Flint flats on the feet of one of my favorite ethical clothing influencers, Meghan Markle, I decided I wanted to learn more about the company and try out one of their flats.


Sarah Flint is a direct to consumer brand, designed by a woman (Sarah) that works directly with Italian shoemakers for their shoes. If we can assume that “artisanal” shoe factories in Italy pay their workers a fair wage, then this brand falls under the socially ethical realm. In a lot of ways, Sarah Flint reminds me of M.Gemi (reviewed here, here, and here). Maybe because they’re both direct to consumer and made in Italy. Though M.Gemi price points are about $100 less than Sarah Flint. Sarah Flint shoes will set you back about $300+. The particular flat I tried, called the Lana (which Sarah Flint is wearing below) is priced at $365.


But rather than spending the $365 for brand new shoes, I decided to stalk the RealReal and wait it out for a used pair. And I was able to snag the Lana flats in my size for $76! So what did I think of these flats? After having tried it out, I can tell you Meghan Markle must have normal to narrow feet, lol. My slightly wide feet did not work for these flats. And keep in mind this is after buying it used (so someone got the initial joy of breaking it in). The length was perfect and the width might have eventually stretched out (on the website they claim that it would), but the outer edges that hug the foot rubbed like a mofo. Unfortunately for me the size 38 flats (my usual size) didn’t work for me. If I ever see a size 38.5 on the RealReal I might try it out (and I’ll update my review when I do), but I could see the length being too long for me and my heel slipping out. Just like with some Italian factories that Everlane uses, their lasts (foot molds) just aren’t meant for my feet (or at least for this particular Sarah Flint shoe).

Sarah Flint Review (1 of 2)-min.jpg

Speaking of Everlane’s Italian made shoes, I wonder what is the reason the price difference between their shoes and the ones by Sarah Flint is so great (almost $200 less for Everlane). For reference, Everlane’s Boss Flats, which look like some of the shoes Sarah Flint offers, costs $66 to make and Everlane prices it at $165. I wonder if the Sarah Flint shoes have higher end materials and trickier workmanship? Or do they just mark it up more because they can? Even M.Gemi is cheaper and with similar stuff. To me it’s not quite worth it. For just a bit more, you can buy the Martiniano glove flats (reviewed here) which are pure luxury.

Sarah Flint Review (2 of 2)-min.jpg

But if you want to try them out for yourself and you have normal to narrow feet then this referral link will get you $50 off your first order (I will also get $50 but will probably give them to readers in giveaway contests like I normally do).