Day 14-15: Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park, located in northern Montana was definitely one of the most beautiful national parks I've seen, quite possibly the most beautiful.  Unfortunately we only had 1 day to spend there so we did a hike to Avalanche Lake and then drove up Going-to-the-sun Road to Logan Pass.  Fortunately we were there the day before they close the Going-to-the-sun Road and shut up park services.  A day later and we would not have been able to go up the mountain.  Anyway not much to say except everyone must go there at least once in their life.  Must!

On the way we stopped for some jerky.  We walked in and they were literally cutting up the cow in the store (it was less like a store and more like a butcher shop).  There were 2 large carcasses hanging from hooks and when we asked if we could buy jerky there, they pointed to their one retail rack on which were hanging maybe 15 bags of jerky.  They didn't even have a cash register.  Outside was a trash can of meat scraps and bones.  I wanted to take some for Hachi but didn't.  Though it was a semi-traumatic experience, the jerky was pretty good. 

The cutest little pottery yurt.

The RV park we stayed at was gorgeous!  It's called North American RV park and I highly recommend it.  It didn't hurt that we pretty much had the park to ourselves.

Fall in Montana is amazing.

Next are pictures from our hike to Avalanche lake.  It was my most favorite hike of the whole trip.  Not a lot of effort, but a lot of great pictures.  Easy and scenic, just the way I like it.  

The clearest lake I've ever seen.  

After our hike, we drove up Going-to-the-sun road.

By the time we came back down the sun was starting to set.  So we stopped by the side of the road waiting for it to go down.

A beautiful end to a beautiful day.