Everlane Review: The Linen Picnic Top

* This item was gifted to me by Everlane but all opinions here are my own.

I received this top from Everlane about a month ago but due to the weather (it’s been rainy and a bit cold) and a newborn sucking all my time/energy, I haven’t really had a chance to take it out for a spin. But I finally wore it a couple times this week so here’s the review! But I should also mention that I ordered this in my usual Everlane size of 4, but due to changes in my body (specifically my boobs) this top feels a smidge too small across the chest. So I can only guess that the sizing is TTS since my sizing has changed, but I can’t say for sure. Note: a size 4 has 35in chest circumference, while a size 6 is 36in.

So as much as I love Everlane, I hafta say that I haven’t been super excited about their new releases lately. None of it seems to fit my lifestyle maybe, or I might be getting over Everlane in general (*gasp* that seems like heresy coming from an Everlane addict like myself). But the one thing that caught my eye in April was this Linen Picnic Top. I wouldn’t necessarily go on a picnic in it, but I see how they came up with the name (it’s cute!).

It originally caught my eye because I thought I might be able to nurse in it (buttons in the front=breastfeeding friendly). But the buttons are hard to unbutton so they’re really there for the looks only. The straps are not adjustable (unlike their linen jumpsuit) so you’re kind of stuck with their standard lengths. But the straps are wide enough to hide bra straps so you can wear a regular bra with this top. For the size 4, I find that the straps are the perfect length (though like I said above, the top is a bit tight right around the chest area). This top probably works best for those with smaller chests in general.

Everlane review linen picnic top

{Wearing: Everlane linen picnic top, Everlane Easy Chinos (reviewed here), Martiniano Glove Shoes (reviewed here), Balenciaga Work bag (similar here)}

As for the linen quality, it’s good for the price: not too rough and not too thin. I would say it’s just a smidge below midweight linen. You can see how Everlane linen stacks up against the linen from other brands. Also don’t be fooled by how smooth Everlane’s linen is when you first get it (it’s extra smooth). Once you wash it a couple times it will roughen up a bit, but not overly so. But I would say for the price you’re paying, Everlane’s linen is a good value (unless you’re willing to wait over a month for something custom from Lithuania—see the link above for more details).

Also I didn’t get their linen jumpsuit, but I made a similar look with this top and Everlane’s linen pants (which I loooove, but I’ll do a full review of that later).

Everlane review linen picnic top and linen pants

{Wearing Everlane linen picnic top, Everlane linen pants, Everlane Day Crossover Sandal (c/o)}

What do you think? Are you into Everlane’s linen?