Everlane Review: The Denim Chore Jacket

One of my most worn jackets from Everlane is their modern utility jacket because not only does it look great but the 4 pockets are super useful (especially when I was doing the Airstream business and nowadays when walking the dogs). So when Everlane asked if I wanted to try anything for August, I was immediately drawn to their denim chore jacket because of the 4 pockets. I also currently don’t have a denim jacket in my closet so this one fills the need. I’ve tried traditional denim jackets in the past but ended up selling them all because it didn’t feel like me. But a denim chore jacket? This is more like me.

Everlane Review The Denim Chore Jacket

{Wearing: Everlane denim chore jacket, Only Child Alta top in raw silk (reviewed here), Only Child Cove linen pants (reviewed here), Martiniano Glove shoes (reviewed here), Mansur Gavriel mini mini lady bag (reviewed here)}

The first thing I noticed right away with this denim jacket was the softness. It didn’t feel rigid like my past denim jackets. This one molded to my body and felt almost like a favorite vintage jacket. When I went back to the product description, I found out it’s because they made this jacket intentionally with a looser weave to get that worn-in feel.

I’m wearing a small here and it fits slightly on the oversized side, which to me makes for a perfect chore jacket (who wants a tight fitting jacket when doing chores lol). But for those who want a more fitted look, you can probably get away with sizing down.

Everlane Review Denim Chore Jacket

{Wearing in photo above Everlane denim chore jacket , Only Child Alta top in black raw silk (reviewed here), Linenfox wide linen pants (review coming soon), Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Lady Bag, Everlane Boss Mules (reviewed here)}

The one negative I will say about this jacket though is that there was a funky smell to it when I first got it. I immediately washed it before wearing and it helped alleviate most of the smell. It’ll probably need a couple more washes before it’s completely smell free.

And if you already have too many denim jackets, then they also released this chore jacket in corduroy. The corduroy jackets would also be warmer and perfect for Fall!

Also you can see how another blogger styles this jacket here (Jamie sized down for a more fitted look).

*This item was gifted but all opinions here are my own.

Everlane Review: The Cotton Weave Collarless Shirtdress and Picnic Dress

I love Everlane’s Cotton Collarless Belted Shirtdress from 2 years ago (reviewed here). It’s one of my most favorite dresses from Everlane, but haven’t worn it lately due to some added baby weight (which makes the dress come up quite short when belted) So I was super excited to see a new version of their collarless shirtdress for 2019 in a new cotton weave fabric and with longer sleeves! Since I wasn’t offered any free items from Everlane in June (probably because I haven’t been keeping up with timely reviews lol) I purchased this myself with some referral credit (thank you to all those who supported me by using my referral link). I actually prefer being able to review items this way since I feel it makes the review a tad more objective, plus I tend to love the items I purchase myself more (like the Everlane mini form bag and the cotton linen v-neck). Oh, and since I wanted the free shipping, I decided to try out Everlane’s Cotton Weave Picnic Dress as well.

So what did I think of Everlane’s new summer dresses?

I actually love both styles and ended up keeping both!

The Cotton Weave Collarless Shirt Dress

First of all, I really love the new cotton weave fabric that they’re using for this year’s collarless shirt dress. It’s super soft and yet feels durable. The cotton weave has a texture that’s almost like a lightweight corduroy. I think this fabric is less prone to wrinkles than the cotton poplin they used for their first collarless dress. The sizing is similar to their old dress though this year’s version is a tiny bit longer (I got a size 4). But it’s still a tad short on me when I raise my arms (see pic) and I’m 5’4” (and even if you get a larger size, the length only increases marginally).

everlane review collarless shirtdress
everlane review cotton weave

So if you’re quite a bit taller, this dress might be too short for comfort. At first I was thinking of returning the dress because of this, but I decided to keep it because 1) I don’t know if there would be many situations where I need to raise my arms in this dress (and if there is, I’ll just be careful) but also because 2) I saw this ad campaign for Hackwith Design House’s button-up jacket dress.

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 11.55.10 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 11.55.23 AM.png

The Everlane dress looks similar enough and since I didn’t want to spend $205, I decided to try this collarless shirtdress as both a dress and a duster. And I like it. I plan to try more combos of this dress as a duster, but I like the versatility of having it work as both a dress and a lightweight duster. Oh and they added a belt loop to this year’s dress which is great because I lost the belt of my 2017 collarless shirtdress since there was no belt loop. A small but convenient improvement.

everlane review collarless shirtdress

{Wearing: Only Child Alta Top (reviewed here), Only Child Cove Pants (reviewed here), Everlane V sling back (reviewed here), Celine Soft Cube Bag (reviewed here)}

The Cotton Weave Picnic Dress

I originally ordered this cotton weave picnic dress with the intention of trying it on, disliking it, and then returning it. And tbh ordered it as my second item so I could get free shipping. But when I tried it on, I didn’t hate it. I was a little iffy about it, but with the encouragement of those on my Insta stories, I decided to keep it. I like the longer midi length of this on me. At first I thought it might be too long, but I think it’s fine (and looks great especially with some low heels like the Everlane Day Heels I’m wearing).

Everlane Review Picnic Dress
Everlane Review Picnic Dress

I ordered this in a size 6 because I’ve noticed with Everlane’s “picnic” style tops and dresses, the chest circumference is a bit tight on me in my normal Everlane size of 4. At size 6, it’s just right so there’s no pinching of the underarm fat. Also the backside is elastic so that makes the chest area slightly more forgiving and it makes it easier to put on/take off this dress. The buttons that run along the front are fake and you can’t actually button/unbutton this dress. That makes this dress very breastfeeding UN-friendly but at the same time, you won’t have any gaping holes between the buttons. There’s a side zip to help make putting on/taking off this dress easier. I do like that this dress is slightly form fitting so that it looks great even without the tie. I look forward to wearing this dress more once I stop breastfeeding. Also I plan to wear this dress with a white shirt underneath if the weather is on the cool side.

So I had only planned on keeping one dress (the collarless shirtdress) when I bought them, and then planned on keeping just the picnic dress when I tried them on. But ended up keeping both to work with my wardrobe lol. Hope you see these dresses in heavy rotation as the summer wears on!

Everlane Review: The Day Tote Mini

I was very lucky to be asked again this month if I wanted anything from Everlane’s line sheet as an affiliate. And you bet I zoomed in on their Day Tote Mini. Their regular Day Tote is an all time favorite (the most used bag in my closet, which I wrote about here), so I was super excited to try out the mini version since I’m all about smaller bags now (that I can hang off the stroller bar). So even if I wasn’t gifted this awesome bag, I would have most definitely purchased it myself to try it out.

Everlane Review Day Tote Mini

I love the Day Tote Mini because it reminds me of the Celine small vertical cabas, which I always wanted and was *this close* to buying once. But in the end I decided not to because it seemed too plain of a bag to spend over a $1200 for. So I was super excited to see the Day Tote Mini on Everlane’s Coming Soon page and couldn’t wait to take it for a spin. And after having tried it out for a bit, I like this Day Tote Mini a lot. It might actually be a bit better than the Celine small vertical cabas because it’s not as big or as tall. So I can keep things upright and organized (while I could see things getting lost at the bottom of the Celine cabas). Also the shorter bag works well for my petite frame.

The leather of the Day Tote Mini is the same sturdy but lightweight leather that I’ve come to know and love on the regular Day Tote. I like that this tote can stand up on it’s own and doesn’t slouch over like a lot of other totes (however I should note, if you’re not careful how you pack the regular Day Tote, you can distort the leather so it ends up looking wonky like mine did). But I don’t really foresee that same problem with this mini tote since it’s so small, you can’t really overstuff it with heavy items that will bend it out of shape. Oh and I accidentally poured hot water all over this bag and it was completely fine. Just wiped off the water and it was as good as new (no water spots!).

This Day Tote Mini fits all the essentials and then some. I like that I can fit a baby’s bottle upright in there if I need to. So you could probably fit a small water bottle if needed. You could also fit a book or kindle in there. I also love that I can fit things like my sunglass case and sunblock vertically so everything is easy to find. There’s one flat pocket inside that fits my keys and lip balm.

Everlane Review Day Tote Mini

{Wearing: Everlane Cotton Weave Collarless Shirtdress (review coming soon), Everlane V Slingback (reviewed here), Everlane Day Tote Mini, and thrifted hat}

The crossbody strap is adjustable or you can remove it completely which is a nice feature to have. These days since I hang my bag on the stroller I like to have to the option to remove the crossbody strap. For this bag, I remove one side but leave the other side attached just in case I need to quickly throw it over my shoulder. Oh, and the holes where the crossbody strap loops through are reinforced so you don’t have to worry about that area getting worn out if you end up carrying heavy items in your bag.

The only drawback to this bag is that there is no closure so if you’re in a crowded place, you’re going to either want to hold the bag in your hands or have at least one hand over it when wearing it over your shoulder. And if you have a lot of things in your bag, you definitely want to do this since it will gape open when stuffed. If your bag isn’t as stuffed then the handles will kind of come together when slung over your hip so it’s not too open.

everlane review day tote mini

I was actually really tempted to get the taupe color above but I played it safe and got black. Since the leather feels similar to the leather of my Everlane mini form bag (and they’re made in the same factory), I don’t think the lighter colors will have issues with color transfer from jeans or getting marked up easily (though I don’t know for sure). But I do like that the black looks classic and it goes with this year’s “summer witch” theme lol. But I’m pretty disappointed with the pale yellow color they have for the third option. A light gray would have been more versatile.

Everlane Review Day Tote Mini

Anyway I put together this review a little early since it was requested by a reader. And I’ll update it to let you know how the bag wears over time! But I hope I’ll be writing a 100 days wear post about this bag (like I did for the regular Day Tote) by the end of the year!

P.S. And congrats to Jenn R. for winning the Everlane gift card giveaway! You have been emailed :)

Everlane Review: The Linen Pant

There was little to no fanfare when Everlane released these pants (it wasn’t even on their coming soon page), so it might have slipped under the radar for some. But being the Everlane addict that I am, I check their new releases page every once in awhile and I noticed these linen pants. Since I’m always on the lookout for good linen pants, I thought I might give these a try with some credit I had earned (thanks to everyone who clicked my referral link). And well, I’m glad I did try them because I really love ‘em!

First a note on sizing: I’m usually a size 4 on top and 6 on the bottom for Everlane. But lately due to body changes because of pregnancy and then giving birth, I’m a bit all over the place when it comes to sizing (like I tried Everlane’ straight leg crop in my usual size 6 and it didn’t fit). But I got these in a size 6 and found that it did fit, mostly because of a really forgiving elastic and drawstring waistband.

lol sorry to keep recycling this pic >.<

lol sorry to keep recycling this pic >.<


As you can see the pants hit right at the top of my foot, which is the perfect length for me (I’m 5’4”). On the models on the Everlane site these pants are cropped and hit above the ankle. I don’t mind the full length on me since this is a straight fit.

I love these pants because even though they feel like PJs with the elastic and drawstring waistband, they look pretty polished. They’re just wide enough at the hips and legs, so there’s no pulling, but not so wide that it makes me look short. The linen quality is lightweight, but in a pair of black pants that’s perfect since it’s nice and breezy. You can see how Everlane linen stacks up against other (mostly slow) brands I’ve tried here.

Sorry it took so long to get this review up, so there aren’t that many sizes left in black. The blue indigo color might work for some (probably best paired with white or another light color on top), but I would probably stay away from the white. If it’s anything like my other linen shirt made in the Shenzhen factory, it’s going to be slightly sheer.

Anyway, anyone else try Everlane’s linen pants?