Everlane Review: The Linen Pant

There was little to no fanfare when Everlane released these pants (it wasn’t even on their coming soon page), so it might have slipped under the radar for some. But being the Everlane addict that I am, I check their new releases page every once in awhile and I noticed these linen pants. Since I’m always on the lookout for good linen pants, I thought I might give these a try with some credit I had earned (thanks to everyone who clicked my referral link). And well, I’m glad I did try them because I really love ‘em!

First a note on sizing: I’m usually a size 4 on top and 6 on the bottom for Everlane. But lately due to body changes because of pregnancy and then giving birth, I’m a bit all over the place when it comes to sizing (like I tried Everlane’ straight leg crop in my usual size 6 and it didn’t fit). But I got these in a size 6 and found that it did fit, mostly because of a really forgiving elastic and drawstring waistband.

lol sorry to keep recycling this pic >.<

lol sorry to keep recycling this pic >.<


As you can see the pants hit right at the top of my foot, which is the perfect length for me (I’m 5’4”). On the models on the Everlane site these pants are cropped and hit above the ankle. I don’t mind the full length on me since this is a straight fit.

I love these pants because even though they feel like PJs with the elastic and drawstring waistband, they look pretty polished. They’re just wide enough at the hips and legs, so there’s no pulling, but not so wide that it makes me look short. The linen quality is lightweight, but in a pair of black pants that’s perfect since it’s nice and breezy. You can see how Everlane linen stacks up against other (mostly slow) brands I’ve tried here.

Sorry it took so long to get this review up, so there aren’t that many sizes left in black. The blue indigo color might work for some (probably best paired with white or another light color on top), but I would probably stay away from the white. If it’s anything like my other linen shirt made in the Shenzhen factory, it’s going to be slightly sheer.

Anyway, anyone else try Everlane’s linen pants?

Everlane Review: The Day Crossover Sandal

I’m a pretty big fan of Everlane’s Day line, from the Day Market bag (my most used bag) to the Day Heel Mule (my favorite heel). So when I saw the Day Crossover Sandal, I knew I had to give it a try*. And it did not disappoint! This might be my next favorite sandal from Everlane (and believe me, I tried quite a few from them—almost one a year). My first favorite sandal being the long gone Street Sandal from their early years.

Everlane Review The Day Crossover Sandal

First a note on sizing, I got my usual Everlane size 8 and it worked perfectly. For those of you guys who have trouble with Everlane sizing, it’s all about paying attention to the factory where the shoes are made. Since each factory will have slightly different lasts (the foot mold that the shoes are made with), the sizing varies by production factory. For example, I know my “usual Everlane size 8” works best with the Montopoli in Val D’Arno factory in Italy (they made the Day Heel and Day Heel Mule) since they’re lasts are a tad wider in the front of the foot. But the lasts from their other Italian shoe factory, Santa Maria A Monte (they make the Day Glove and all the Slingbacks) are a tad longer and narrow and doesn’t usually work in my usual Everlane size 8. It’s a bit of a pain to do the extra research before purchasing, but I think that’s what happens when the brand is on the small side and has various production factories. But on the plus side, at least Everlane is transparent enough that you can do this extra bit of research and be a slightly better informed customer.

Everlane Review Crossover Day Sandal (1 of 1)-min.jpg

Anyway back to the sandal. The Day Crossover Sandal is an absolute dream of a leather sandal. The crossover leather is super soft and molds to your feet, so it’s perfect for slightly wide feet like mine. There’s no chafing of any kind because of the double folded leather. The sole is made of that rubbery material they like to use (the same one that’s on the Day Glove) so it’s non-slip (however unfortunately not super eco-friendly). Also the sole is not too heavy and for me it doesn’t make that slipper slapping sounds (though I’m more of a heel dragger myself). This really is the perfect chic summer sandal and feels way more expensive than $88.

But I do have to add that there is zero cushioning on the sole, so if you can’t handle a hard surface (due to flat feet or plantar fasciitis) then this shoe is not for you.

I haven’t walked miles and miles in them so I can’t attest to how they will wear (I do have one concern that the soft leather might stretch out and I’ll update this review with that bit of info if they do). But I can see this being my nice sandal for the summer for backyard BBQs and casual dinners out. It’s certainly an upgrade from my Everlane street sandals, which have definitely seen better days.

Anyone else try the Day Crossover Sandal and what did you think?

*This item was gifted by Everlane though all opinions are my own.

P.S. Everlane is having their big summer sale right now (what they call Choose What You Pay) though the only thing that I love that’s on there currently are their Boss Mules. I love my black pair (reviewed here) and I wish they still had the bone patent leather ones still in my size (dang it, I knew I should have purchased the bone patent ones when they first came out). Everything else is just eh or very out of season.

P.P.S Just read Andrea’s newest post here and glad to see she loves her Day Crossover Sandals as well :)

Everlane Review: The Linen Picnic Top

* This item was gifted to me by Everlane but all opinions here are my own.

I received this top from Everlane about a month ago but due to the weather (it’s been rainy and a bit cold) and a newborn sucking all my time/energy, I haven’t really had a chance to take it out for a spin. But I finally wore it a couple times this week so here’s the review! But I should also mention that I ordered this in my usual Everlane size of 4, but due to changes in my body (specifically my boobs) this top feels a smidge too small across the chest. So I can only guess that the sizing is TTS since my sizing has changed, but I can’t say for sure. Note: a size 4 has 35in chest circumference, while a size 6 is 36in.

So as much as I love Everlane, I hafta say that I haven’t been super excited about their new releases lately. None of it seems to fit my lifestyle maybe, or I might be getting over Everlane in general (*gasp* that seems like heresy coming from an Everlane addict like myself). But the one thing that caught my eye in April was this Linen Picnic Top. I wouldn’t necessarily go on a picnic in it, but I see how they came up with the name (it’s cute!).

It originally caught my eye because I thought I might be able to nurse in it (buttons in the front=breastfeeding friendly). But the buttons are hard to unbutton so they’re really there for the looks only. The straps are not adjustable (unlike their linen jumpsuit) so you’re kind of stuck with their standard lengths. But the straps are wide enough to hide bra straps so you can wear a regular bra with this top. For the size 4, I find that the straps are the perfect length (though like I said above, the top is a bit tight right around the chest area). This top probably works best for those with smaller chests in general.

Everlane review linen picnic top

{Wearing: Everlane linen picnic top, Everlane Easy Chinos (reviewed here), Martiniano Glove Shoes (reviewed here), Balenciaga Work bag (similar here)}

As for the linen quality, it’s good for the price: not too rough and not too thin. I would say it’s just a smidge below midweight linen. You can see how Everlane linen stacks up against the linen from other brands. Also don’t be fooled by how smooth Everlane’s linen is when you first get it (it’s extra smooth). Once you wash it a couple times it will roughen up a bit, but not overly so. But I would say for the price you’re paying, Everlane’s linen is a good value (unless you’re willing to wait over a month for something custom from Lithuania—see the link above for more details).

Also I didn’t get their linen jumpsuit, but I made a similar look with this top and Everlane’s linen pants (which I loooove, but I’ll do a full review of that later).

Everlane review linen picnic top and linen pants

{Wearing Everlane linen picnic top, Everlane linen pants, Everlane Day Crossover Sandal (c/o)}

What do you think? Are you into Everlane’s linen?

Everlane Review: The Mini Form Bag

After I reviewed the regular Form Bag from Everlane (here), Everlane released the mini form bag as a special invitation only limited release. Something about them trying to make it exclusive turned me off though. So I made it a point not to give it a second glance. But when they came out with a general release of them in new colors this spring, the Mini Form Bag in Bone caught my eye. I don’t normally buy light colored leather bags because I’m careless with my purses (they’re meant to be used right?). But knowing how hardy the leather on the regular Form Bag is I decided to give it a shot. And I’m so glad that I did! This bag has turned out to be one of the best small crossbody bags I’ve ever bought.

Everlane Review Mini Form Bag
Everlane Review Mini Form Bag

{Wearing: Everlane Cotton Linen V-neck (reviewed here), Elizabeth Suzann Mara Jumpsuit (reviewed here), Martiniano Glove Shoes (reviewed here), Everlane Mini Form Bag}

So just like the regular Form bag, the mini has a magnetic closure at the top, which makes getting into and out of the bag super easy. When it’s open, I can see everything in there in just a glance. This works great when you have just the right amount of stuff or less. But if you overstuff it, then the magnetic closure doesn’t close (which can be kind of annoying because it gapes wide open and now strangers can easily see all that’s in there too). But for me, this just means I have to make sure I carry only the essentials (phone, wallet, keys, some lip balms, small hand cream, and my sunglasses). Also for the most part when I carry all that, I have to make sure they’re arranged in a relatively neat manner (I can’t just throw things in willy nilly). So if you like carrying a lot of stuff, this bag is definitely not for you. But in exchange for sticking with just the essentials, you get a small sleek bag that tucks easily under your arm. And this also means the load you’re carrying is always light!

Like the regular form bag the strap is made of canvas, which I know some of you don’t care for since it makes the bag look cheaper. But in terms of functionality it’s awesome since it makes carrying the bag across the body super comfortable. Plus you can adjust the strap to the exact length that you want.

Everlane Review Mini Form Bag (1 of 1)-min.jpg

Inside, there’s one small flat pocket, which I thought was pretty useless when I first got the bag. But now I stash my coupons in there (because ya know, FIRE) and it’s great because everytime I open the bag I see them. So I haven’t forgotten to use a coupon since using this bag (I used to forget all the time since I’m not in the habit of clipping coupons).

Everlane Review Mini Form Bag

And like I mentioned up top, the Italian leather that these bags are made out of are super durable and scratch resistant. I don’t baby my bags at all so I very rarely buy a super expensive bag in a light color. But these Everlane form bags are made out of a smooth and thick leather. Also with light colored bags, you want to be careful of color transfer, but I’ve had no issues with that with this one.

Seriously, if you guys are looking for a great light colored bag for spring, this Everlane mini form bag should be a contender! I can’t wait to rock this bag with my all neutral #stickofbutter looks this spring (lol if you don’t know what I’m talking about, refer to Andrea’s post here).

An Everlane Sweater For Every Kind Of Weather

If you’re a long time reader, you probably know that I have a lot of Everlane sweaters. One of my very first reviews of Everlane was of their cashmere sweater (back in 2015!), and I’ve pretty much tried every Everlane sweater under the sun since then. Just check out my sweaters section of my collected Everlane reviews post. And I have to say that Everlane’s sweater game has just been getting better with time. I’m really loving the styles and fibers they have on offer currently, so I decided to do a little post highlighting my favorite Everlane sweater for every kind of weather (also it was an excuse for me to talk about sweater weather and be able to use these two words repeatedly). Here are my choices from warmest to coldest weather:

Everlane Review Cotton Linen V neck.jpg

70+ degrees F weather: The Cotton Linen V-neck

Ok, so I know I just got and reviewed this sweater, but I loooove this sweater made for warm weather. Of course if it’s really hot, there’s no need for a sweater. But for a city like SF where there are micro-climates, layering is key and this sweater is the perfect little cover-up for mild days. This would also work for those who easily get cold in even slightly air conditioned rooms (though if you’re working in a cold office environment you’ll probably want the cotton sweater below). This sweater also works for those who want a bit of a cover-up from the summer sun but don’t want to slather on SPF.

Everlane cotton sweater review
Everlane cotton sweater review

65 degrees F weather: The Soft Cotton Square Crew

I reviewed this here and it’s my favorite 100% cotton sweater (especially for those who are on the petite side). This sweater is made from a good thick cotton knit that’ll keep you warm but not too warm. I liked this sweater so much I got two of them (one in ochre and one in navy) and I find I use them both a lot. They’re especially useful for me in air conditioned environments.


60 degrees F weather: The Waffle-Knit Square Cashmere Crew

When the temperatures start to dip, I look forward to breaking out my cashmere sweaters. And my favorite cashmere sweater from Everlane is the waffle knit square crew (reviewed here). I have two of these as well: one in navy from 2017 and one in oatmeal from 2018. The cashmere of these sweaters feel more substantial and quality than those of the $100 cashmere sweaters and I think it’s definitely worth the $55 price difference between the two sweaters. Also the waffle knit texture just adds more interest to every outfit you wear it with. I also love the split side detail (for easy french tucking) and the split sleeve detail. If you prefer more of a 90’s sweater look, the cashmere rib round crew (reviewed here) is also a great textured cashmere sweater.

Everlane Review Alpaca Sweater
Everlane Review Alpaca Sweater

55 degrees F weather: The Oversized Alpaca Crew

Even though I disliked the mix of nylon with the alpaca in this sweater (which I talked about in my review of it here), I kind of get it because 1) 100% alpaca is darn expensive and 2) 100% alpaca is hot as heck. Having tried one from Lauren Manoogian, a thick 100% alpaca knit is too hot for California’s winters and probably too hot to wear indoors. So this makes the Everlane alpaca blend sweater the perfect one for cold weather (though I’m sure for really cold and or/windy weather you’re going to want to layer this with a coat or jacket) without being too hot.

Anyway as we head into spring and then summer, sweaters will probably not be on your mind. But I felt like since Everlane’s sweater selection is so good right now, I would be remiss not to take the opportunity to write a post like this. Anyone else have multiple Everlane sweaters? About 90% of all my sweaters are Everlane and it seems like they’re getting better and better every year!