Weekend Update/Ramblings

Hi y’all, how are you guys doing? I’m currently in Hawaii and it’s H-O-T and humid. Emi did great on her first airplane ride and slept through half of it. Though that night she cried for an hour before going to sleep from over-tiredness. But we survived! So far we’ve been busy visiting family so we haven’t done anything really exciting (though we did get out to the beach for a bit but Emi wasn’t really a fan lol). I also started cleaning up my dad’s apartment and it’s been rough. I miss him very much and I can’t help thinking he would have loved to meet his granddaughter. At the same time I see how he’s kept every single thing I’ve made (most of which I don’t even remember making) and I feel his love even though he is not here anymore. Anyway we’ll see how long it all takes but I’m motivated to get it done asap.

Completely changing topics now but have you see Inside Bill’s Brain on Netflix yet? If not, I highly recommend watching it. He is really trying to move some mountains and I support him all the way, including his endeavours in nuclear energy and especially in his efforts to improve sanitation to reduce childhood death by diarrhea. I would include this documentary in my list of “must-watch” tv, which also currently includes Ice on Fire on HBO. If these two documentaries don’t convince you of climate change and the need to change our ways, then nothing will.