Everlane Review: The Texture Cotton Crop Cardigan

When Everlane came out with their texture cotton crop cardigan (aka the babaa dupe) last year, I have to admit I was put off by the 27% nylon content of the yarn they used for this knit (vs. the 100% cotton weave of the babaa). But now I have to get off my high-horse and admit I was wrong for looking down on this dupe because it’s a pretty great sweater.

Everlane Review The Texture Cotton Crop Cardigan

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First of all, I do feel Everlane wades into some shady waters when it copies the design of smaller ethical and more expensive brands. Call it the Zara-move if you will. But at the same time, I could never really pull the trigger on a babaa cardigan (even when they had their sale in July). And as much as some of us love to support small brands, we can’t always spend that kind of dough. I actually was lucky enough to try the babaa cardigan in person at West Coast Craft and I didn’t love it enough to spend $250+ on it. So when Everlane offered me something free to review, I succumbed to temptation and asked to try this cardigan. And I have to say I love the way it fits more than the babaa version, and maybe it’s because of the nylon. The Everlane sweater overall feels less bulky and I appreciate the stretch it has over the babaa one.

And as much as I prefer an all-natural fiber and no plastic in my clothing, there are advantages to plastic. Not only does the nylon make the sweater stretchier and lighter but it helps retain the shape of the sweater. I’ve decided to take the “treat plastic like gold” disposition with this sweater and treasure it as if it did cost $250.

Everlane Review The Texture Cotton Crop Cardigan

Anyway I’m wearing a size small here and feel like it’s the perfect fit for 5’4” me. I find the sleeves a bit long so I need to roll them up. I really love the drop shoulder detail and the overall cropped fit. I can’t wait to wear this cardigan more in the fall and style them with other outfits. I have a feeling this cardigan is going to be a staple in my wardrobe!