Weekend Ramblings

And another week has flown by and I’ve barely written anything. Things have been uber busy here and the big news is it looks like I’ll be moving again. This “Temporary-House Wifey” name has begun to take on a self-fulfilling prophecy vibe. I’ve moved from Airstream to a larger trailer to a house to an apartment in 1 year. Now it looks like we might be moving into a house again which I’m both excited and anxious about. This better be my last move for awhile, and I might finally take the time to change my blog name (maybe to Permanent-House Wifey? lol just kidding, it’ll be better than that hopefully). Also I had a whole post written for this Tuesday and sitting in my post schedule for weeks about being on the FIRE track (requested by a reader) but now I’m thinking I won’t publish it because how can I talk about being on FIRE when I just took on a whole mountain a debt to buy a house >.< . That is definitely anti-FIRE and more like keeping up with the Joneses (though to be fair, we really bought this house to raise Emi in because a small apartment for a kid is rather cramped + better school districts). But I very much look forward to having my own bloffice (blog-office) again and maybe I’ll start taking regular ootds again. I also look forward to a yard and composting again in an effort to reduce my garbage output.

There’s a saying in Japanese about getting poorer from moving. And I think there’s definitely some truth to that. With each move we throw things out (especially when downsizing) and then sometimes buy new things to fit the new space. Well since we’re upsizing again, we are looking to purchase some new furniture and new appliances (the current ones in this 1970s built home is from the 80’s). I don’t know how we’re going to be FIRE through it all but we’re definitely going to be counting on some black friday deals and maybe I’ll get a job at Crate and Barrel or something to try to defray some of the furniture costs. We’ll see if they even hire me lol.

And lastly I sympathized Leah’s post about her sustainability fail when moving. I haven’t really tried too hard to be sustainable this year due to the baby (I’m just too tired y’all) but I definitely feel some of the guilt she feels. But sometimes we just need to cut ourselves a break. We can only do what we’re mentally capable of, and tbh individual efforts in sustainability is a drop in the bucket compared to what policy changes can do (though that’s not an excuse to stop trying).