Weekend Update/Ramblings

Though it’s only been about 2 months since Emi has entered our lives, so many things have changed. In many ways I already feel like I’m not the same person I was before her—both a better and worse person. I’m just different. One of my “better” attributes is now I really don’t care about high-end purses as much. For almost 15 years, there’s always been a purse I wanted or something that’s on my list to purchase. But now all of a sudden, poof, that list has disappeared. Sure it could be the lack of sleep taking over (I’m more concerned of when I can squeeze my next nap in and not what to buy). But I’m hoping this feeling will be more permanent than that. And with these feelings I returned the Hermes Bolide (<— that’s the link to the same purse I returned, it’s back on sale and reviewed here). Or rather I sold it back with Fashionphile’s buyback program), and I feel great about it. No regrets! Sure I could have kept it to pass it on to Emi, but 1) I already have enough bags to pass onto her and 2) I don’t think holding onto material items with the intention of passing it on is always a good idea (your kids might not value what you value and so it’ll be like passing on physical baggage along with the emotional one). Anyway these thoughts are bubbling up because not only did I recently return the Bolide, but I’m working on a post ranking my purse collection per a reader’s request. And tbh I just don’t feel the love for these purses as I used to and I can see myself selling even more of my bags in the near future.

And speaking of having less, reading this post about minimalism and FIRE has me totally inspired to live with less. And this article is inspiring me to renew my efforts on spending less. Also I used to think most people spent without thinking twice (probably because my peers also appear to spend this way) but have come to realize that that’s a privilege very few people can actually afford. And those who do spend like that and are in the middle class are either being foolish (like I was) and/or buying on credit (even more foolish). The reality is, we all have to think twice before we spend our money.