What I Wanted and Bought in May

So it looks like I’m back in the buying saddle again. That no buying period was pretty short—just April, lol. And now due to a general lack of impulse control (because of a pervading daily tiredness thanks to the baby), I haven’t been able to put things on my want list without purchasing them. What mama wants, mama gets. So instead of presenting this post as a list of things I wanted and then the one (or two, or three…) thing(s) I bought, as I did in the past, this is a list of what I wanted and bought.


Storq Caftan

I purchased this during their Mother’s Day Sale and reviewed it here. Unfortunately I don’t have the time/energy/mindspace to make “Mormon Compound Chic” (as one reader put it, haha) better (though I did try to do the easy stuff like unbutton the collar and roll up the sleeves—still a no go). So I ended up selling it on eBay, and I’m not counting this item towards my closet tally.


Pyne and Smith no. 12 dress

I was influenced by Salina when I purchased this dress. Not only was I able to get a 10% discount but she donated her commission to charity (how awesome is that) so it was a better time than any to try out this brand that I’d been eyeing for a year or so. I’ve only worn it out once, and I’m still trying to solidify my opinion of this dress. But the review will be out soon. Oh and I tried to offset this purchase by selling my Elizabeth Suzann linen clyde billow skirt via the selltradees instagram account. So technically one in and one out is net zero, right?

Martiniano Glove Shoe Review

Martiniano Glove Shoes

When I found a pair of these glove shoes (similar here) in a size 38 in a gorgeous stone taupe color on the RealReal I pounced without a second thought. I love my black pair (also purchased from theRealReal) but they’re a size too big (though I make them work with the addition of these heel thingies). But really what’s better than a pair of glove shoes in my size in this dreamy color? I also justified this purchase by selling the Martiniano Glove Heels I purchased back in March (selling them through the RealReal). I hardly ever wore heels before the baby and I’m not really about to start now.


Everlane Day Crossover Slides

I received this item as a gift and I’ll be reviewing it soon. But I looooove them!

Everlane Linen Pants

I purchased this on referral credit (so thanks to everyone who has purchased through my link in the past) back in March I think. But since I didn’t include them in that month’s list, I’m adding it here. I recently wore them with Everlane’s linen picnic top and loved my version of their linen jumpsuit look. I’ll do a full review of these too though there’s not many sizes left on the Everlane site.

A bunch of clothes from The RealReal

I purchased a bunch of clothes and though I liked some of them I wasn’t in love. So I decided to return them all since I already did get a lot of things in May.


A Pink Sapphire Ring from Etsy

So even though I didn’t buy this for myself, this was my first mother’s day present from the hubby (picked out by me of course lol). I try not to acquire new jewelry as much these days (though I had a huge jewelry phase a couple years ago). But for my first mother’s day it was nice to get something special.

So that brings my tally to one dress in (one skirt out), two pairs of shoes in (and one pair of shoes out), and one pants in. This one addition per month resolutions is pretty much blown but I’m going to try to keep at least a one-in-one-out policy. What about you guys? Have you been good about your resolutions?