Storq Review: The Caftan

Just going to do a super short review today since I wanted to mention how the Storq Caftan fit on me and how I liked it. Sorry it’s not my usual more comprehensive review, but I don’t really have the time for many of those these days!

storq review the caftan
image from Grechen’s blog  here

image from Grechen’s blog here

So as much as I love my Storq nursing tank (reviewed here), Easy Pants (reviewed here, which I’m still wearing at least 3x a week at 9 weeks postpartum) and Storq pencil skirt, I have to be honest and say not all of their clothing works for me. I didn’t care for their T-shirt dress and their maternity tank top (reviewed here as part of the basics bundle). And well, I’ll have to add this caftan to the list of Storq no-go’s. I really wanted to like it because I loved how it looked on Grechen here. Also it’s such a great option to nurse in (there’s not a lot of maxi dresses made responsibly that you can easily breastfeed a baby in). But for some reason when I try it on, I look like I stepped out of a Mormon compound. Grechen and I are about the same height so how does it look so good on her? Maybe because she’s pregnant and I’m not? Maybe it’s the way she unbuttoned the top and tied the sash?

Anyway just for reference, I got my usual Storq size 3 (go off of their pre-pregnancy measurements not their pre-pregnancy sizes) and I think it fit well. The cotton is a super soft and comfy fabric, kind of like a lightweight flannel. I like the nursing option, the sleeves and the side-slits on the dress. But for some reason it just doesn’t feel right on me. After posting it on insta-story I got some tips to try rolling up the sleeves or going for a different shoe, so I might try those options when I get a chance and update this review. Or I might just sell it on eBay since I can’t return it (it was a sale item).

What do you think? What can I do to make it less dowdy?

P.S. Just to let you all know I’m current with all my reviews, which also means I don’t have any scheduled. So my posting might become more sporadic since I have to write whenever baby’s sleeping. But don’t worry if you don’t hear from me. I’m still going to blog when I can!