My Purse Collection Ranked

As you guys all know by now, I’ve been so fortunate to have had quite a few purses in my life. Lately I haven’t been buying and selling as many bags as I have had in the past (thank goodness) so my collection has been pretty steady. And since a reader asked me how I would rank the purses currently in my collection, I thought why not? So here are the rankings of all 20 bags that I currently own from least favorite to favorite.

20) Longchamp backpack: I purchased it on impulse last year and have yet to use it >.< . I’m not a backpack person but I thought it might be useful with a toddler or when traveling. I’m keeping it around just in case but if I don’t use it this year I’m selling it.

19) Everlane Form Bag (reviewed here): I never use it because it’s just too large for my needs. I much prefer the mini form bag (see #7) on this list. This bag is also on the chopping block.

18) Longchamp medium tote: I use this for times when I don’t want to carry the larger Longchamp tote, but tbh those occasions are kind of rare. We’ll see how long I keep this one.

17) Lululemon Crossbody/fanny pack (similar here, but mine is smaller and in black): I bought this bag a long time ago and it used to be my music festival bag. It can be worn both as a crossbody bag and a fanny pack, it’s waterproof, and it has a ton of pockets for organizing. I still sometimes use it for hiking or other times when I don’t want to have to worry about a bag. I’ll probably keep this indefinitely since I plan on it being the last fanny pack I’ll ever buy.

16) Longchamp Weekender: I used this as my hospital bag and plan to use this as my “personal item” the next time I catch a flight. Also just got this at the end of last year.

#15 and #13

#15 and #13

Everlane Review Modern Loafer Mule (1 of 1).jpg

15) Everlane Foldover Crossbody (reviewed here): I love using this crossbody when traveling since it’s pretty discreet yet can hold a ton of stuff if you need it to. It also can double as a clutch when going out.

14) PB 0110 Circle bag: I just reviewed this bag here and as much as I love this bag, there are so many more bags that I love before it so sadly it gets pushed down to number 14. And as much as I love the quality construction of the bag, the circular shape is just a trend, I know. We’ll see how long this ends up sticking around.

13) Balenciaga Work Bag: I used to have a lot of Balenciaga bags like this (it’s actually the bag that got me addicted to high end purses and started my former PurseForum addiction). I’ve sold them all a long time ago, but recently purchased this bag used on the Fashionphile (because of nostalgia and the fact that they go for such good prices now). I don’t think they’ll ever come back in style (they’re sooo 2000s) but I’ll always love them!

12) Hermes Bolide (reviewed here): I love this discreet Hermes bag and to me it’s the definition of understated luxury. But since it’s currently so low on my list here and it’s so expensive, I’ve decided to return it to Fashionphile using their buyback program. It just didn’t make sense for me to keep something that I didn’t love love love, especially since we’re trying to do FIRE.

#10 and #7

#10 and #7

fendi by the way (1 of 1).jpg

11) Acne Studios Musubi bag (reviewed here): I just got this bag at the beginning of the year (from TheRealReal), but this bag has made my top ten list. I love the sturdy leather, the great useable design, and its unusual shape. The more I use it the more I fall in love with it. Plus it fits a lot more than my usual “just essentials” daily bag.

10) Chanel small crossbody flap : I purchased this bag in London at the end of our Europe trip last year. This is probably the most useable Chanel I’ve purchased and I wear it often when going out. It holds just the essentials and can be dressed up or dressed down. And unlike the regular flap bags, which have a strap length that at the longest makes for a short awkward crossbody, the chain on this one is long and it’s a very comfortable crossbody length. Plus there’s a strip of leather that makes carrying it crossbody comfortable (instead of having the chain dig into my shoulder and leaving marks).

9) Longchamp large tote: This bag has been my travel workhorse over the last decade. I’m planning on replacing it with the weekender (see #16) since this tote is starting to wear out (the nylon corners are usually the first to go and mine are starting to have tiny holes in them). But I plan on still using it until pencils can fall out of the corners (like my friend’s longchamp tote).

8) Everlane Mini Form bag: This is my current obsession and also the newest addition to my collection. I just reviewed the bag here and I mean it when I said it was one of the best crossbody bags I’ve ever purchased.

7) Fendi By The Way bag: I recently reviewed the bag here even though I’ve had this bag for over 3 years and it’s the second oldest bag in my collection (the oldest being #9 above). Even though it was never a popular style, it works really well for my lifestyle (durable leather, easy to organize inside and multiple ways to carry it).

6) Everlane Day Market Tote (reviewed here): My most used item in my closet period. This is my work tote and all around “haul-anything” tote. You can see how it’s worn after 100 days of wear (and it’s taken a beating).

5) Chanel Medium Flap (featured in the post comparing vintage Chanel caviar leather to new Caviar leather): This was a gift from my mom on my 30th birthday so it’s the one bag I would never sell. And now I plan on passing it on to my kid eventually (hope she likes Chanel!). I only use this bag for special nights (mostly weddings).

4) Celine Small Cabas Phantom (reviewed here): This is my fancy tote that I treasure and baby. I use it when I want to look a bit more polished but still have to carry around a lot of stuff. I think a good dupe for it though is the Cuyana structured leather tote (I reviewed their original classic unstructured tote here).

3) Celine Nano Belt Bag : I’ve always loved the design and shape of the Celine Belt bag (and have purchased the Mini, Micro and now the Nano size—I’m like a crazy Celine Belt bag Goldilocks). I unfortunately sold my Mini bag before I started seriously blogging but I reviewed the Micro Belt bag here and did a comparison post between the Micro and Nano here. Now I have just the Nano and it’s the perfect size for my essentials without weighing me down!

2) Celine Soft Cube (reviewed here): This is the second most used bag in my collection after the Everlane Market Tote and it’s because the Soft Cube is a super functional bag. I like the crossbody strap (that’s a good length on me) along with the two top handles (which is how I carry it most of the time). The leather is durable and the inside is spacious enough for my essentials and then some. The only thing it’s missing are some legs to keep the leather bottom from touching the floor (not that I put it on the floor).

1) Hermes Lindy (reviewed here): This was my holy grail bag for over a decade, and I finally purchased it about a year and a half ago. And it was everything I had dreamt it would be. It’s my second Hermes bag (my first being a vintage Kelly that I had in my collection awhile ago), but I love it as if it was my first. This bag is a lot more functional for me than the Kelly was since the Lindy is a more casual bag. I love that I can carry it two different ways and even though it’s a high-end bag the leather is durable and not fragile at all. It’s the best of all worlds: functional, luxurious, and discreet.

Whew, that was some bag blog post! This is for all my bag-loving readers out there! I never really realized how many bags I had until I started to write this post, but 20 feels like too much. I think I’ll be selling some of those on the lower half of the list. How many should I cut my collection down to?