An Everlane Sweater For Every Kind Of Weather

If you’re a long time reader, you probably know that I have a lot of Everlane sweaters. One of my very first reviews of Everlane was of their cashmere sweater (back in 2015!), and I’ve pretty much tried every Everlane sweater under the sun since then. Just check out my sweaters section of my collected Everlane reviews post. And I have to say that Everlane’s sweater game has just been getting better with time. I’m really loving the styles and fibers they have on offer currently, so I decided to do a little post highlighting my favorite Everlane sweater for every kind of weather (also it was an excuse for me to talk about sweater weather and be able to use these two words repeatedly). Here are my choices from warmest to coldest weather:

Everlane Review Cotton Linen V neck.jpg

70+ degrees F weather: The Cotton Linen V-neck

Ok, so I know I just got and reviewed this sweater, but I loooove this sweater made for warm weather. Of course if it’s really hot, there’s no need for a sweater. But for a city like SF where there are micro-climates, layering is key and this sweater is the perfect little cover-up for mild days. This would also work for those who easily get cold in even slightly air conditioned rooms (though if you’re working in a cold office environment you’ll probably want the cotton sweater below). This sweater also works for those who want a bit of a cover-up from the summer sun but don’t want to slather on SPF.

Everlane cotton sweater review
Everlane cotton sweater review

65 degrees F weather: The Soft Cotton Square Crew

I reviewed this here and it’s my favorite 100% cotton sweater (especially for those who are on the petite side). This sweater is made from a good thick cotton knit that’ll keep you warm but not too warm. I liked this sweater so much I got two of them (one in ochre and one in navy) and I find I use them both a lot. They’re especially useful for me in air conditioned environments.


60 degrees F weather: The Waffle-Knit Square Cashmere Crew

When the temperatures start to dip, I look forward to breaking out my cashmere sweaters. And my favorite cashmere sweater from Everlane is the waffle knit square crew (reviewed here). I have two of these as well: one in navy from 2017 and one in oatmeal from 2018. The cashmere of these sweaters feel more substantial and quality than those of the $100 cashmere sweaters and I think it’s definitely worth the $55 price difference between the two sweaters. Also the waffle knit texture just adds more interest to every outfit you wear it with. I also love the split side detail (for easy french tucking) and the split sleeve detail. If you prefer more of a 90’s sweater look, the cashmere rib round crew (reviewed here) is also a great textured cashmere sweater.

Everlane Review Alpaca Sweater
Everlane Review Alpaca Sweater

55 degrees F weather: The Oversized Alpaca Crew

Even though I disliked the mix of nylon with the alpaca in this sweater (which I talked about in my review of it here), I kind of get it because 1) 100% alpaca is darn expensive and 2) 100% alpaca is hot as heck. Having tried one from Lauren Manoogian, a thick 100% alpaca knit is too hot for California’s winters and probably too hot to wear indoors. So this makes the Everlane alpaca blend sweater the perfect one for cold weather (though I’m sure for really cold and or/windy weather you’re going to want to layer this with a coat or jacket) without being too hot.

Anyway as we head into spring and then summer, sweaters will probably not be on your mind. But I felt like since Everlane’s sweater selection is so good right now, I would be remiss not to take the opportunity to write a post like this. Anyone else have multiple Everlane sweaters? About 90% of all my sweaters are Everlane and it seems like they’re getting better and better every year!