What I Wanted in April

I’ve discovered the secret of wanting and buying less: just have a newborn and get zero sleep so all that you want to do in your free time is sleep (and not browse shops online or swipe mindlessly through instagram). Unfortunately (or thankfully) it’s not a lasting solution to consumerism, but it did help me spend less money on my closet.


The only thing I really thought about buying was a straw Janessa Leone hat. I used to have the Cuyana one (reviewed here) but it didn’t wear well and the straw started to fray. But in general I find that I like the idea of hats (it’ll keep the sun off my face and look chic!) but that I don’t really wear them that often. So it’s not really worth splurging on (though I occasionally look at the RealReal for one since I have some credit there).

I did however add the picnic linen top to my closet since I was asked by Everlane if I wanted anything to review (alas I couldn’t resist the temptation after so many months of no gifted items). I was also gifted the new wedge shoes but I found them too uncomfortable so I sent them back. And I was gifted the new sneakers (“Tread by Everlane”) but found them uncomfortable too (they run small so I really needed a size 9, not my usual Everlane size of 8. And in general they’re a heavy, clunky shoe—boo). Also I have to mention they don’t look that great to me (I called them nursing shoes though the online consensus seems to be orthopedic shoes). So I plan on returning these as well.

So with some luck (and thanks to my new daughter) I was able to keep to my April resolution of only one new addition to the closet!

P.S. Though I should mention I didn’t do a great job with not spending money overall (dang it the FIRE lifestyle is so hard). Along with the Willow pump I splurged on another Augustinus Bader Cream (reviewed here) after I ran out of it this month, but this time I got the regular instead of the Rich Cream (though I’m regretting not getting the Rich Cream because I think it works better for me than the regular—anyway I’ve updated the AB Cream review with all the deets).