Everlane Review: The Mini Form Bag

After I reviewed the regular Form Bag from Everlane (here), Everlane released the mini form bag as a special invitation only limited release. Something about them trying to make it exclusive turned me off though. So I made it a point not to give it a second glance. But when they came out with a general release of them in new colors this spring, the Mini Form Bag in Bone caught my eye. I don’t normally buy light colored leather bags because I’m careless with my purses (they’re meant to be used right?). But knowing how hardy the leather on the regular Form Bag is I decided to give it a shot. And I’m so glad that I did! This bag has turned out to be one of the best small crossbody bags I’ve ever bought.

Everlane Review Mini Form Bag
Everlane Review Mini Form Bag

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So just like the regular Form bag, the mini has a magnetic closure at the top, which makes getting into and out of the bag super easy. When it’s open, I can see everything in there in just a glance. This works great when you have just the right amount of stuff or less. But if you overstuff it, then the magnetic closure doesn’t close (which can be kind of annoying because it gapes wide open and now strangers can easily see all that’s in there too). But for me, this just means I have to make sure I carry only the essentials (phone, wallet, keys, some lip balms, small hand cream, and my sunglasses). Also for the most part when I carry all that, I have to make sure they’re arranged in a relatively neat manner (I can’t just throw things in willy nilly). So if you like carrying a lot of stuff, this bag is definitely not for you. But in exchange for sticking with just the essentials, you get a small sleek bag that tucks easily under your arm. And this also means the load you’re carrying is always light!

Like the regular form bag the strap is made of canvas, which I know some of you don’t care for since it makes the bag look cheaper. But in terms of functionality it’s awesome since it makes carrying the bag across the body super comfortable. Plus you can adjust the strap to the exact length that you want.

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Inside, there’s one small flat pocket, which I thought was pretty useless when I first got the bag. But now I stash my coupons in there (because ya know, FIRE) and it’s great because everytime I open the bag I see them. So I haven’t forgotten to use a coupon since using this bag (I used to forget all the time since I’m not in the habit of clipping coupons).

Everlane Review Mini Form Bag

And like I mentioned up top, the Italian leather that these bags are made out of are super durable and scratch resistant. I don’t baby my bags at all so I very rarely buy a super expensive bag in a light color. But these Everlane form bags are made out of a smooth and thick leather. Also with light colored bags, you want to be careful of color transfer, but I’ve had no issues with that with this one.

Seriously, if you guys are looking for a great light colored bag for spring, this Everlane mini form bag should be a contender! I can’t wait to rock this bag with my all neutral #stickofbutter looks this spring (lol if you don’t know what I’m talking about, refer to Andrea’s post here).