Weekend Update/Ramblings

This might be my last weekend update post for a bit and the posts coming up are ones that I’ve been writing ahead of time for the last couple of weeks to prepare for my maternity leave of sorts. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to write so I really wanted to get these ideas and reviews out while I still could, so I hope you don’t mind that they’re scheduled. (And I’ll try my best to keep up with comments both here and on Insta!)

I’m quite a bit nervous about the c-section tomorrow (necessary because of fibroids) since I’ve never had major surgery before but whenever I start to feel anxious I just tell myself there’s nothing I can do, and instead I just try to stay calm by focusing on my breathing. Worrying about the future will not do me any good. I also feel fully unprepared for taking care of a newborn though I’ve gone to a couple classes and read a couple books. But I guess many a mom has “winged it” in the past and I’m going to be alright (besides I have the internet now, as well as a bunch of well-informed mom friends just a text away).

Here goes nothing and wish me luck guys!