Weekend Update/Ramblings

If you have Amazon Prime, please do yourself a favor and watch Generation Wealth. It touched on so many topics revolving around how our society views money from the greed culture, porn culture, and the all-around misconception of money (and having more) being the end-all be-all. I’m going to watch it at least one more time because I feel like I haven’t fully absorbed it all yet. And then I’m going to go back to Eckhart Tolle’s New Earth to remember how to overcome that materialistic greed ego within me and to remind myself of what happiness really is (for me that starts with being present with gratitude).

Speaking of gratitude, I’m very grateful for a reader who emailed me this week making me aware of some of the negative self-talk about my body on this blog (e.g. when I say my short stubby legs). I’m pretty self-deprecating in nature and this kind of talk doesn’t really bother me (my legs are short, so what?) but I can see how it’s not healthy nor is it helpful. I do believe in dressing proportionately for my petite stature so I don’t like when clothes cut off at awkward places (like tops right at the hips or midi dresses right at the calves) but I should be aware it’s the clothing and not me. So I just want to apologize to all those who’ve noticed my negative self-talk because I really don’t have anything to complain about (I love my body just the way it is and for the miracles it can do—like make a human for goodness sake). And thanks to K for bringing this to my attention!