Weekend Update/Ramblings

I read this article the other day about how luxury brands in Italy are getting home-workers to sew their clothes at sweatshop prices. If I can’t even trust luxury brands anymore to pay their workers fairly (considering the ludicrous mark-ups they sell their items at), I guess I have to quit them too (or at least only buy them secondhand). Guess I’ll be sticking with secondhand, slow fashion brands, and Everlane for now. Oh and this post by Leah on why Everlane isn’t as bad as the Good On You App rates it nails the issue! This is definitely why I’m still an Everlane addict. And personally I cannot trust an app that rates Zara or H&M better than Everlane knowing that there are articles from this year that expose the abuses at some of their factories and knowing the quality of clothing they churn out.

In pregnancy news, I’m currently at week 16, but back when I was at week 14 I had a nurse practitioner tell me I look like 'I’m at week 20 because of my fibroids. The fibroids has basically taken over my uterus and poor baby is pushed up near my rib cage. All my prenatal health providers are 1) shocked at the size of fibroids and 2) worried about how the baby will develop (there’s a real possibility of her not having enough room to grow). There’s nothing I can really do about it , but in an effort to make me feel like I have some semblance of control over my body I’m back on the Whole30 diet (eating only whole foods for 30 days-no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no soy). It might not do anything but I just feel like I need to do something, and several articles have cited sugar as source of inflammation as well as hindering liver function (both of which can help fibroids grow). And since the first month of pregnancy I’ve been eating a large amount of sugar daily (and it’s been progressively getting worse). At the very least this diet will be getting me to eat healthier and that’s not a bad thing. Wish me luck guys since the last time I attempted this diet change I only lasted 15 days >.< Also wish me luck that the fibroids will shrink fingers crossed

And finally, if you haven’t watched Maniac on Netflix yet, you’re missing out (ok, I’m a huge Emma Stone fan so I might be a tad biased)!