Weekend Ramblings

So the other day I was thinking what's the difference between a Dupe and a Fake?  I saw a blogger post about a "dupe" of a very popular bag and I thought, "Well doesn't that make it a fake?"  But then would Everlane's Day Glove be considered a dupe or a fake (of the Martiniano Glove Shoe)?  What's the difference and where is the ethics on that?  For me, a dupe seems okay (I've mostly seen it used for makeup), while a fake (usually handbags) is obviously not.  So does the difference come down to the monetary value of the item: "dupe" is for inexpensive items while "fakes" are for expensive items?  Or maybe it's a matter of logos?  If you're copying the logo then it's a fake but if the item has no logos, then a design copy is just a dupe?  Of course it's all a bit gray and you just have to do what works for you.  As for me, buying fake bags is a definite no-go (buy a fake, you're a fake), but that's also because fakes have no resell value unless you're willing to dupe a person (which I could never do).

Also I'm happy to see that Garance Dore (one of my long time favorite bloggers) is finally starting to featuring conscious/ethical fashion on her blog Atelier Dore.  She's highlighting fashionable woman who choose a more conscious way of dressing.  I really liked this interview with Natasha Schick, which now makes me want to try Feit shoes.  I also appreciated this one with Renee Peters since she wears Elizabeth Suzann.

Everyone seems to be getting ready for fall but this year I'm not there yet.  Maybe because the summer hasn't been as hot here in San Jose as the last couple of years or maybe because I've been dressing in uniform all summer, but I'm still going to try to squeeze out more utilization of my summer clothes (especially some summer dresses).  Plus I'm trying not to look into the future (and planning and wanting for the future), but live in and relish the present.  Because I know once we're in the thick of cold season, I'm going to be wanting the summer heat again.  

Currently watching: Casual on Hulu (love the cynical LA humor and one line zingers) and Scott & Bailey (on Amazon Prime), which is one of those BBC detective shows but this one features a pair of women as the protagonist detectives, and they have an awesome female boss.   It's more procedural but pretty realistic, and it's kind of sad that this type of female-centric show is an anomaly.