Weekend Update/Ramblings

This has been a relatively rough summer (thus accounting for the lack of super regular posting).  If you follow me on Insta-story I touched upon a current health issue: uterine fibroids.  The good news is that I've switched over to stretchy pants long before my uterine fibroids started growing, thus allowing me to still wear a lot of my favorite bottoms (like my ES linen Clyde pants and skirt, my nPL skirt and my Everlane chinos).  The bad news is that most fitted high-waisted (like my new Only Child Dune pants) are a no-go.  The ES canvas Clydes are also too tight.  And most of my jeans don't work.  Just when I'm starting to really love my wardrobe, my body up and changes on me.  On the bright side, it allows me to flex my creative juices when it comes to finding my style again.

So now I'm looking at some flowy dresses.  I asked some of you guys on Insta what you wanted to see on the blog and long-time reader Page suggested Ace & Jig.  My style is mostly not prints and very minimal so Ace & Jig is a bit outside of my comfort zone (and at West Coast craft I noticed a ton of people going crazy over their stuff but I just kind of gave it a cursory glance).  But I want to be open to new brands so I'm giving it a shot.  I ordered this Daisy dress (lol notice how I picked the least colorful and patterned one available) and it's coming in this week. Also love that it was on sale.  So review of that up soon!  

In other news, did you hear Walmart is going to come out with a private label that looks like Everlane.  First of all, I highly doubt Walmart is going to try to find the kind of factories that are going to pay fair wages, especially if they're going to try to undercut Everlane on price.  And second of all I'm sure they're not going to be transparent about it either.  It kind of defeats the whole purpose of making a copy of Everlane if you're just going to copy the basic normcore styling and not the ethics.  But we'll see I guess.

Currently watching on TV: Sharper Objects, Castle Rock (on Hulu--sooo good!), and I just finished Ordeal by Innocence on Amazon Prime.  I think I'm on a mystery/suspense kick.