Weekend Update

I'm not sure if it's the summer heat or what but I'm feeling so sluggish and lazy lately.  Consequently, my writing has slowed down majorly (notice the lack of a Friday review), and no it's not because I've started the process of revamping the format of the blog (that's realistically not going to happen until after September when our Airstream biz busy season ends).  Also right now, my mom is visiting from Hawaii so I've been busy taking her around everyday (she refuses to drive in Cali with all these aggressive drivers, lol).  And to top it all off, we're sleeping in the new house with a new bed and my quality of sleep has severely deteriorated (the new bed is too soft and the new bedroom is super light in the morning which is majorly affecting my night owl lifestyle).  Sorry to start off this post with just whining and complaining.  This is probably better suited for a personal journal vent instead of my ethical style blog, but hey not all moments are rainbows and sunshine right?

Ok thanks for letting me vent, lol.  Anyway we need new sheets for our new bed since we decided to upgrade to a king size.  I was thinking of reordering from Brooklinen again (reviewed here), despite a hassle-filled return process on my last order.  It's just so hard to get high quality percale cotton sheets for a decent price and I think Brooklinen provides the best value.  If I feel like splurging I might go with these Coyuchi organic percale sheets, but we'll see since spending over $225 on sheets is pretty ridiculous.

In other news, did you see Everlane's sneak peak of their fall shoe line-up?  I am majorly digging both the pointed mules and blunt toe slingback (though they're so much like my V-sling backs that I don't know if I can justify the purchase).  But I'm really loving that granny toe sling back look.


In other news, I've officially finished 3 weeks of No Buy July and I've got another week and a half to go.  So far I have not purchased a single item for the closet (yes, I am buying stuff for the new house but I seriously need the furniture and housewares.  The great thing about living in a trailer is that we didn't have to furnish it--though the styling of it all leaves a lot to be desired.  But now we are starting from pretty much scratch).  I wonder if it's the no buy july thing or what, but this month just seems to be crawling.  There's a handful of things I want to buy when the month is over but luckily I've had minimal interest in the Nordstrom sale.  I just don't think anything I buy there would be something that I would wear over and over again.  I did click over to the site once (out of habit, without thinking) but quickly clicked away.  I dunno but the more I see other bloggers and instagrammers touting the Nordstrom sale, I get more and more turned off by it.  I mean are you really buying closet staples or just because there's a sale?