Everlane Try-on Review: The Denim Short, The Linen Relaxed Long-Sleeve Tee, The High Rise Twill Short, The Cheeky Straight Jean

So I finally did it.  I finally went to the Everlane store in SF.  I know I've said in the past I was disappointed in Everlane's lack of transparency to third party agencies but I just can't quit Everlane.  At least not cold turkey (with some credit in my account) because I am addicted.  So I thought if I tried on everything I wanted at once in their store, I'll at least save on the resources required for shipping and returning items.  It's a slightly more responsible way of shopping Everlane.  And also when it comes to my acquisition of new clothes, I'm going to try to be more mindful and keep it under 5 items total a month (still a lot I know but I gotta start somewhere because I'm definitely getting more than 5 things a month currently).  So here are some of the things I tried on but didn't buy.  I did buy 2 things but I'll do a full review of those once I put them through their paces.  

Everlane Review the denim short

First up is the denim short in vintage dark blue (and worn with the linen muscle tank).  I would say that the short is true to size (I got my regular size of 28, I'm usually a 4-6 in pants and am 5'4") and since this is 100% cotton (unlike their jeans which are 98% cotton and 2% elastane) I don't think this will stretch out that much with wear.  So if I were to get this, I would have stuck with my usual 28 (plus I like my shorts to stretch out a bit and sit more loosely at the waist and use a belt if I need it).  But I didn't get it because I wasn't a fan of how the crotch area kind of bags out in a V (which is also why I didn't like Everlane's modern boyfriend jeans).  It's not so noticeable when my legs are apart but if you stand straight with your legs together, it just feels like there's excess material poofing out at the crotch.  It's no big deal but just a personal preference.

Everlane review the linen relaxed long sleeve tee

Then I tried the linen relaxed long-sleeve tee with these shorts.  I like their linen muscle tank and I've liked their linen knit dress in the past so I thought I might like their long sleeve version.  But nope the linen quality on these are not great and it's scratchy as hell on the arms.  That's definitely a deal-breaker for me.  Also this gray and white one was a tad sheer.  I should also note that my linen knit dress has stretched out over time (even though I lay to dry after every washing) and it's kind of a shapeless sack on me now.  I probably wouldn't purchase a dress in this linen material from Everlane again.

Everlane Review high rise cotton twill short

I also tried on the high rise twill short in size 6.  I probably have gotten away with a size 4 and it would have been perfect but I really wanted to try this color on and they only had a 6 on the rack in store.  Since these shorts are 95% cotton and 5% elastane, they will probably stretch out with wear and get pretty loose at the waist.  These shorts also had a bit of the poof problem at the crotch.  They also flared out a bit at the leg opening which I liked since it could accommodate my thicker thighs.  They're good shorts and if I were to choose between these or the denim one I think I might choose this one since the crotch didn't bag out as much on me.  But in general I have 2 pairs of shorts that I love and wear often and that's good enough for me.  

Everlane Cheeky jean review
Everlane review cheeky jean

And last but not least is Everlane's cheeky straight jeans.  This is the only jean style from Everlane I had yet to try because I was getting pretty disillusioned by how poorly all their jeans fit on me (a lot of their styles just work better for taller girls).  Before this one, my closest favorite was the Kick Crop.  And then I declared I had enough pants earlier this year and that I would stop trying-on and buying pants.  So when the Cheeky jean came out I told myself I didn't need it (and I don't).  But since I was in the store I decided to try them on and oh man, these are THE ONE.  And by that I mean, these are the Everlane jeans made for me.  I love that the jean is fitted but not skinny and somehow these are the only Everlane jeans I've tried with zero v-shaped crotch bagginess.  Also the jeans made my butt look good, which also never happens.

I'm 5'4" and I'm wearing the ankle length pair since I have short legs.  I probably would hem them another inch or so since I like my jeans to show some ankle.  I'm wearing a size 28 here and I would probably keep it true to size since my thighs are on the bigger side.  But since they are 98% cotton and 2% elastane, they will loosen with wear.  If you want more of a fitted look (but not quite the skinny jean look) then I would probably size down.  If you want more of the mom jean look then stay TTS.  Here are Andrea's and Leah's reviews of these jeans (Andrea sized down but Leah didn't).  But in the end I didn't buy these because I said I had enough pants and I wasn't lying.  Also it's summer now in Cali and it's hot, so even if I did purchase these I probably wouldn't wear them until the fall.  If Everlane still has these around at the end of the year I might considering buying these to replace my Mott & Bow jeans (my current mom jeans).  But till then, no more buying pants for me!

Have any of you guys gone to the Everlane store (in SF or NYC) before?  I can't help it but I loooove their store and it just makes me want to buy more Everlane.  Anyway I'm going to try to save up all the things I want to try from them and just visit their store instead of all the buying and returning I do.  I know I have to do better!