The Stylebook app 3 month anniversary recap: What did I wear the most?

So I want to be fully open about this post because it's kind of a gray area to me, but I was inspired to write this post by Andrea's post here.  See the whole time I had the Stylebook app (which I started using on 1/12/18 and that I reviewed here) I was obsessed with the cost per wear of each item.  I was trying to get below that 'magic' threshold of $1 (I don't know why I fixated on that).  Anyway, I've been missing the bigger picture here until I read Andrea's post, and it made me go "hmm, I wonder what were the items in my closet that I actually wore the most."  And because I thought it was interesting, I'm going to share it here (and I apologize if this seems unoriginal, BUT I will say by comparing notes with Andrea I did find some interesting similarities).  Also I've realized that even though I may say something is my "favorite" or "top" item, I can only really prove that by showing you (and myself) how many times I've actually worn it.

Some qualifying notes:

- I omitted entering tees into my digital closet on the app because I find that I used them a lot like undershirts during the winter, but they were mostly old Grana and Everlane tees.

- I also omitted talking about my bags since that's something I have to carry around daily so of course their wear count would be high.

- The Everlane old anorak that I always rave about it missing in the line up.  Every time I wear it I recall that I haven't entered it in my digital closet yet and then when I want to, it's usually wet from use >_<

- And lastly, I only went through my top 9 items since it seemed like a good place to stop (and coincidentally they've all be worn 9 or more times in the first 3 months of this year).

Most Worn Winter 2018-min.jpg

1) Vince Blair Sneakers (similar here): these replaced my M.Gemi Felize shoes as my go-to daily flat.  The Vince shoes just can take a beating better and hold up in the rain. Been planning on doing a review of these vs. the M.Gemi Cerichio  for the longest time (I promise I'll get to it, but in the meantime know that the Vince ones are waaaay better).

2) Frame Denim (old, similar here): My favorite pair of jeans.  Also not coincidentally, the only item that's below the $1 cost per wear threshold!

3) Everlane Wool-Cashmere sweater from last winter: And that's why it's on my Lowest Cost Per Everlane post here.

4) Frame Skinny de Jeanne Le Crop (old, similar here): My favorite pair of skinny jeans.

5) Everlane Waffle Knit Cashmere (reviewed here): Coincidentally also on Andrea's most worn list, so you know it's a great sweater!

6) Bridge & Burn cotton jacket (old):  Yea it's rare to have something in my closet today that I haven't reviewed, especially from an ethical company.  What can I say except sometimes some things slip through the cracks, but it's a great cotton jacket that is perfect for layering except it makes me look stumpy (which is probably why you don't see it on the blog haha).

7) Elizabeth Suzann Canvas Clydes: Reviewed here and obviously love.

8) Mott & Bow slim boyfriend jeans: That's why these are on the best list of The Best and Worst Items I've Received For Free post

9) Michael Michael Kors Jacket (similar here) : bought specifically for and worn everyday of my Europe trip and also part of my Winter 10X10.  When you only have one winter coat, you wear it a lot.  But since I wasn't in love with it enough to want to store it, I returned it from whence it came: Crossroads Trading Co and it only cost me about $25 to use it for the week.

The rest of the items on the page in order: Sevilla Smith Terilyn booties (reviewed here), Everlane Long Sleeve Crew (reviewed here), Everlane Day Heel Mules (review coming soon), Everlane Modern Utility Jacket (reviewed coming soon), Loeffler Randall boots (old), Everlane Foldover Crossbody (reviewed here), Grana Volume Cashmere sweater (sold out).


So, like Andrea, my jeans and sweaters were the bread and butter of my winter closet (with the Everlane waffle knit cashmere being a staple in both our closets).  Also I agree with her that when you enjoy talking about clothes and evolving your closet, but you strictly limit yourself (like me all of last year) it's a major bummer and frankly depressing for a blogger (because all you really want to do is grow and hone in on your style).  At least this year even though I'm buying new things, I know that my old favorites still have a firm place in my closet (and I tell myself "At least I'm not buying new disposable clothes from fast fashion...").  I find that by shopping slow/ethical fashion, there's no way I can keep up with what's really trendy (like I said before), but at least it also helped me find the right clothes for me.  That's probably why I also found this past 10x10 challenge to be the easiest one so far (the first couple times I struggled past day 6 and it felt like the challenge was just a bit too long). But this Spring 10x10 (you can see all 10 looks here) was almost effortless in comparison (the outfits were easy, getting the pics are always a challenge). 

Also by using the Stylebook app daily, it really made me realize how well (or poorly) I'm utilizing some of the items that I have.  It's been 3 months and I've only thus far entered 44 items into my digital closet (excluding my cotton tees and the old Everlane anorak).  Which means all the other clothes I have around are pretty much useless (guess it's time to take a better look at what I have and weed out the benchwarmers).  I do think a part of it is because my style has evolved. 

I was surprised to see that some of my newer items (like the Everlane Day Heel Mules and the Modern Utility jacket) made it to the top of the page.  I guess when the list starts in January and you wear your new stuff a lot and right away, it will get more wears than some of my older favorites that I may not wear as often in one short time span (but I do wear more often when you look at a longer period of time). I would expect biases like these to wane the longer I use the app.

I think my next challenge is to start going through the items not in my Stylebook app and incorporate them into my digital closet and current style (maybe do mini challenges like a 5x5) and figure out if the item is worth keeping or not. 

Anyway what about you guys?  What are some of your most worn items so far this year?  Also if you did the Spring 10x10, how did it go for you?  And for those who have the Stylebook app, anyone else obsessed with the Style Stats  >.<



P.S. Also can I take a moment to admire my first 8 days of April (the last 8 days of the Spring 10x10).  I was never really a Polyvore person (and thank goodness too since Ssense has effectively shutdown the platform, which is also a good reminder not too get invested in another company's platform since it could go away at any time).  But after 3 months of having this app, I'm finally arranging my looks in a more visually appealing way, which is making me like my clothes even more!

P.P.S Just realized that this Stylebook app is a lot like MyFitnessPal (a diet and exercise log, which had all it's data breached recently so I wouldn't recommend it).  But when I was using MyFitnessPal 5-6 years ago, it made me more mindful of my eating habits. But I also got quite obsessed with it and told myself I had to use it for a year straight (which I did lol).