2018 Tech Guide Update

Tech items are one of those things that I feel are hyped up every year because it’s all shiny and new and then forgotten about as new tech items flood the market. Well I don’t believe in always getting the newest gadget so I thought I would update last year’s tech guide to let you all know whether the stuff I reviewed then were really worth it and stood the test of time.


Worth It

The Apple Airpods are still very much worth it. I use them almost daily, and they’re great for music and talking on the phone alike. This year I added a handy dandy case with them so I can easily find them in my purse and I keep them with me at all times.

My love for the Voloom Volumizing Hair Iron is still going strong. It’s about 6 years old now and still works great!

And I’m still using my Amazon Echo Dot with TP-Link Smart Plug daily for my bedroom floor light. We got another plug for our Christmas tree this year so all we have to say is “Alexa turn on the tree” :D .


Less Worth It

So after using the Awair air monitor for a year I have to say it’s been a mixed-bag kind of experience. The monitor still works, though the dust/PM 2.5 reading is permanently high which means the air quality rating is stuck at a fairly low reading all the time. I tried cleaning it but to no avail. However it still did a good job of letting me know how poor the air quality was indoors during the wildfires this season (even with all the windows and doors closed, the rating was the lowest I’ve ever seen it so it must still be getting in the house). I guess if I go and fix it, I will say this will be worth it again.


Not Worth It

The Coravin Wine System is not worth it. Granted I’m not drinking currently and haven’t for the last 6 months. But even before that I hardly touched it. TBH it’s just so much easier to open the bottle the old fashion way, use one of these things to seal it back as best as possible and then finish the bottle within three days.

And this was not on last year’s list, but one new tech gadget I tried this year was the Dyson Airwrap (reviewed here). And I have to say, it’s definitely not worth $550! Stick with your regular hair dryer and curling irons because this is just all a fad.

What were some tech gadgets that you thought were worth getting? I’m taking votes for next year’s tech guide :)