Weekend Update/Ramblings

I appreciate Lo’s post here about opting out of certain ethical/slow fashion community staples. I think I mentioned this before too but it’s easy to get sucked in to getting what a lot of major players in this community rave about. For me that would be Elizabeth Suzann items, but luckily her stuff works for me. But things I would opt out of include clogs (not a fan of wood shoes), the Baabaa cardigans (tried before and it looks so bulky on my short frame), wide leg pants (ditto what I said about Baabaa), Tradlands (I have more than enough button-downs), and Vetta (most of their items are made from synthetic blends). I feel like I could make one of those Instagram bingo thingies titled “Ethical Fashion Bingo” and I would include those things as well as Everlane, Ace & Jig, St. Agni mules, Nisolo, a GLDN necklace, Lithuanian linen, something thrifted, etc. What else would be on that bingo lol? (Side note: I wrote this up earlier in the week, but on Thursday this article came out and kind of expressed everything I was feeling perfectly. Plus their photo grid is a good start to Ethical Fashion Bingo).

Actually, I’m breaking from the usual slow fashion style and trying out more “out-there” pieces through The RealReal (and since it’s secondhand, it’s technically still sustainable fashion). I think it’s the combo of the pregnancy making me feel frumpy in normcore clothing as well as too much exposure to Fashion Month, but I purchased some items from Comme des Garcons and Sacai. Or maybe it’s the Japanese in me that’s making me want things from those kinda weird Japanese brands (I’ve also been on a Japanese TV series kick on Amazon—Tokyo girl by the way is a fun watch). Anyway I share my experience buying (for the first time!) from The RealReal later this week.

Oh and that Whole30 diet I talked about last week? Fahgettaboudit, lol. It was too much to expect myself to cut out all refined carbs when I’m pregnant (I mean I can’t even drink, eat sushi, sandwiches, or do anything else fun so at least give me the carbs right?). BUT, I decided to do a several days on and several days off kind of thing. So on most weekdays I’m going to cut out the refined white carbs and then on weekends (especially on those days I’m out and it’s harder to eat clean), I’m going to let myself indulge. And I’m tracking it all in my Notes app on my phone to see how many days on/off I go with the goal of more days on than off per month. I think that’s a much more reasonable goal, don’t you?

And lastly didn’t I say La Mer was largely hype (well at least for me). And now they’re getting sued for false advertising in China, lol. I mean a lot of skin care brands, if you get right down to it, over-promise results anyway. La Mer isn’t all that different, just more expensive and more hyped about.