Why I'm reviewing so many luxury items lately

For all those who come to this space to read my Grana and Everlane reviews, and my general thoughts on conscious consumerism, I just want to apologize if I'm losing touch by going so heavily in the luxury reviews.  TBH I know I'm a spoiled brat to be able to buy and sell bags (and I'm sure I'm just reinforcing the stereotype that only people with money can afford ethical shopping, which is so NOT true--see number 3 on this list).  But I decided to go that route because 1) I've always have had a passion for nice bags, and instead of hiding it like some dirty secret because I'm also trying to promote fair and ethical fashion, I wanted to talk about it and 2) I'm also trying to 'convert' those who are into nice bags, to see the value of brands like Everlane and Grana.  So please bear with me while I go through a run of reviews of luxury items (don't worry I don't have a never ending supply so it will eventually teeter out).  Also by doing these reviews, it's helping me to curate the collection of items I currently own.  After living 1.5 years in a trailer, I've come to realize I just don't have the space for things I don't use!