10 things that make me happy

I got this neat little idea from Chloe and thought it would be a nice break from the constant review posts (which I'm still catching up on but I just haven't been in a very photogenic mood).

Anyways the 10 things in my life that are currently bring me joy:

1) Swimming.  That gym membership, without a doubt, was the best purchase of the year.

2) My Celine wallet.  Easily the second best purchase of the year.

3) Calling my mom on the drive home from work.  It's like killing two birds with one stone: I have to sit in traffic anyway so why not let her talk as much as she wants.

4) No longer being the cleaning lady for the Airstream biz.  I haven't had to clean one for awhile (except for the one we live in, of course) and it's been marvelous.

5) Reigniting my love for this old Balenciaga.  So what if it's so 2000's.


6) Outings with friends

7) Bun Bo Hue

8) My friends' new corgi puppy, Nigel (who has his own insta account here: NigelCorgface)

9) Re-watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix

10) Saturday morning farmer's market