Spring 10x10 Looks 6 & 7

Look 6

Wearing: Elizabeth Suzann Georgia Tee (review here) and Grana Silk Mini v-neck dress (review here), M.Gemi The Docente mules (review here), and Loewe hammock bag (review coming soon)

Monday was a busy day sending off 2 groups of guests (but I didn't have to do any heavy lifting today) so I decided to go with a simple and easy look.  I love how the ES Georgia Tee looks over the dress, especially since I sometimes find Grana's dress to be a bit too low cut at times (especially in a work setting).  The Georgia Tee is a perfect cover up and keeps the look casual.


Look 7

Wearing: Grana silk sleeveless blazer (review here), Grana silk mini v-neck dress (review here), Elizabeth Suzann linen Tilda pants (review coming soon), M.Gemi the Docente mules (review here), Mansur Gavriel mini lady bag (review here)

Today I'm trying to go with that 'art gallery curator' vibe with the same mini silk dress over the ES Tilda pants.  I'm actually really liking the look of the dress over these particular pants because I sometimes find the Tilda pants to be quite voluminous in the hips so the dress covers that, and I like how the Tilda pants flare just a tiny bit at the ankles.  Though the scarf might be too much for the look, like I said I'm not a huge fan of the low cut so the scarf covers the exposed chest area.  Since there are no customers today and the only people to see me today is my husband (along with the other "bros" that work at auto complex I work in--but they already think I'm weird anyway since I'm the girl that takes pictures in front of the garage doors lol), so I just went with this over the top look.  I guess things get interesting when you do a 6x10!