My first capsule wardrobe, part one: The Current State of my Closets

Ok ok I'm finally going to get on the capsule bandwagon.  I'm not sure why I was/am so resistant to the idea (actually I think it's because of that feeling of restriction and limitation), but let's face the facts: 1) I need this in my life, especially due to my shopping addiction (and thanks to Lia and Rebecca B. who really encouraged me to give this a try as a solution) and 2) uhh my life was actually meant for capsule wardrobes, I mean c'mon I live in an Airstream.  I guess in a sense I was kind of living with a capsule wardrobe (as in my everyday work clothes were at the Airstream), except I was also living out of bins that are stored at the Airstream garage (and that's where most of my "blogger clothes" live).  What am I talking about?


Literally my secret hoard

Literally my secret hoard


There you have it.  My secret's out: I'm a slob with hoarding tendencies (I used to joke I'm one catastrophe away from full hoarder status, but I probably shouldn't joke about things like that).  But let me tell you, the key to hoarding well is storage and stacking.  Anyway I also have another closet at the garage:


I'm part of the lean(ing) closet movement, lol.  Anyway that's an old Ikea closet storage I built by myself (and subsequently built wrong).  I definitely had some bars and screws left but didn't want to start all over so I just left it like that.  Who knew it would be the miraculously leaning closet?  Currently it's holding most of my outerwear and half of my husband's clothes. (I'll take a better pic of the lean once an Airstream moves out of the garage).

 And just so you can get the full picture, here's my Airstream closet:


So that's my baseline.  I'll be moving into a different Airstream (for our business) so we're going from 28' to 27', which is a slightly different layout.  That means I'll be getting a very slightly larger closet, but it also means that this is the perfect time to plan out my capsule wardrobe for the warmer seasons.

Part Two will be about how I fare in the process and what I end up choosing!