The Winter 10x10: The Clothes and Looks 1 & 2

Hi guys so now that I'm on my shopping ban, it's really about working with what I've got now (and boy I've got more than enough so really it's not any sort of deprivation at all).  But I'm jumping on the 10x10 bandwagon and doing this challenge along with Andrea from Seasons +Salt (who really motivated me to do this lol, thanks Andrea) and spear-headed by Lee from Style Bee and Caroline from Un-Fancy.  What is the 10x10 challenge?  It's taking 10 items of clothing (well 8 items of clothing and 2 pairs of shoes) and making 10 outfits that you wear over 10 days.  {Ok so I'm going to cheat here because I took all 10 outfit photos in one day because I had to set up a temporary photo studio in the Airstream garage that I could only leave up for 1 day.  So I may or may not recreate these outfits over the next 10 days.  Oh, but the M.Gemi shoes are totally out, i.e I can't walk in them lol, so I won't be wearing those shoes over the next 10 days.  And I'm coupling up the looks so the series will only last a week instead of two--gotta get back to my back-logged reviews ya know.}

So without further ado here are my 10 items:

1) Steven Alan plaid shirt (old) {Similar here}

2) Grana Mockneck {review here}

3) Everlane Ribbed Wool Cashmere Crew {review here}

4) Rag and Bone military jacket (old) {somewhat similar here}

5) Everlane Anorak {review here}

6) Grana Silk Ankle Pants {review here}

7) Grana V-neck Silk Dress {review here}

8) Frame Le Skinny De Jeanne Cropped Jeans {similar here}

9) Everlane Modern Oxfords {review here}

10) M. Gemi The Dolcetto {here}


First a note on why I chose these clothes.  Well I tried to add as many of my favorite Grana and Everlane pieces since I do so many reviews on their clothing and I truly stand behind my reviews and their products.  Also wanted to add some old pieces, the things I'm debating on whether or not to keep (and after this 10x10 I fell in love with them again so they're definitely keepers).  And then I went with a neutral color palate of black, navy, and gray (with the only patterned item being the plaid shirt).  And I went with neutral shoes (and yes the M.Gemi shoes are too big for me.  A separate review on them will be coming soon.) Last but not least, I really played around with my bags since I'm also going to be culling my collection and I wanted to see which ones were my favorites--still debating on this.

Look 1

Wearing: Grana Mockneck, Grana Silk Ankle Pants, Everlane Anorak, and Everlane Modern Oxfords {bag: Loewe Hammock}

Since it's raining like crazy here, I decided to add my favorite rain jacket to the 10x10.  I've been wearing it constantly anyway so it made sense I include it.  I probably won't be wearing the Modern Oxfords around the rain though--trying to keep them from getting too dirty.  I don't have proper rain shoes so I've been wearing my M.Gemi Felize loafers.  It keeps out most of the rain most of the time.  And if you're wondering, yes that's a new Loewe Hammock bag (I also have the light blue one, but I'm going to be selling that one since I don't love the light blue color).

Look 2

Wearing: Grana Mockneck, Grana V-Neck Slip Dress, M.Gemi The Dolcetto {bag: Valentino Rockstud}

I know I know the shoes are too big.  I definitely had the feeling of "little girl playing dress-up in mommy's shoes" when I was wearing these and taking pictures.  Probably because I could only limp around in them.  But these are my first pair of block heels and I really wanted to see how they went with my outfits.  So please just ignore the ill-fit for the rest of the pictures, thanks lol.  

These looks together can be title "One Mockneck, Two Ways" or maybe "Mockneck Day To Night".  What do you think?

P.S. Like my new studio set-up?  I figured it was time I got some well lit pictures and since it's been raining constantly in California there's no way to take pictures outside.  My photo studio set-up makes me feel like a semi-professional :P