Winter 10x10: Looks 3 & 4

Look 3

Wearing: Rag & Bone Military blazer {somewhat similar here},  Grana Mockneck {review here}, Grana Silk Ankle Pants {review here}, Everlane Modern Oxfords{review here}

Bag: Mansur Gavriel lady bag {review coming soon}

A little bit about this rag & bone blaze: it was the first expensive item of clothing I bought myself.  It's from the 2008 fall runway show from rag & bone, back when they were still making everything out of New York and before they even had their own brick and mortar store.  I purchased this piece at Saks, during their end of season sale, and it was priced $350 (down for $500+).  This is a girl who shopped mostly at outlets, Zara and H&M--so this was beyond a major splurge for me.  But I just fell in love with this special piece and had to have it (I'll have to show you why, the specialness is really the inside of the jacket where you can see the bones of the jacket--it's beautiful).  And I've worn the sh*t out of this jacket, and as you can see it's still holding up (but I definitely need to resew some of the buttons).  This started a long love affair with rag and bone but I'm sorry to say their quality has gone down quite a bit since they've started mass production (it's a mix between the US and China), and they even have outlet stores now.  This is one of the few things from rag & bone I still have left, but you know even 9 years later it 'sparks joy' in me and I can still style outfits with it.  

Look 4

Wearing: Everlane Ribbed Wool Cashmere Crew {review here}, Grana V-neck Silk Dress {review here}, Everlane Anorak {review here}, Everlane Modern Oxfords {review here}

Bag: Mansur Gavriel Lady bag {review here}

I call this look my lady librarian look, lol.  I think it's because of the hem line of the dress, the oxfords and long drapey anorak.  Dresses are probably impractical in most places in the US in the winter, but for San Jose it's not that unreasonable.  Temperatures are usually in the 60s if its not raining, and if I get cold I can just wear some tights.  But for the most part I'm usually indoors 24/7 (from Airstream to Airstream Garage back to Airstream) so a silk dress is doable (actually I've moved a flat screen TV and Airstreams wearing this silk dress--the side slits make it super easy to walk around in.)  Probably not the most appropriate clothing for manual labor but something about using my muscles while wearing silk gives me a "I'm Carrie Bradshaw wearing a tu-tu in the streets of NYC" feeling (or a "I'm in a Vogue shoot because of this impractical juxtaposition of clothing and setting" feeling).  And I do get some stares but I don't care because I'm already feeling glamorous ;)