Winter 10x10: Looks 9 & 10

Look 9

Wearing: Steven Alan plaid shirt (old) {Similar here}, Wearing Rag and Bone military jacket  (old)  {somewhat similar here}, Wearing Frame Le Skinny De Jeanne Cropped Jeanes  {similar here}, Wearing Everlane Modern Oxfords {review here}, Bag: Saint Laurent Universite bag

Now this look is straight out of the late 2000's for me since I've had this combo since then (except for the oxfords and the saint laurent bag) and I used to wear it a lot.  This outfit brings me back because it was the time I started to really enjoy fashion and style again.  Before this period I had 2 years (in graduate school) when I only wore jeans, a tank top, and an Abercrombie + Fitch knit sweater.  I had several pairs of jeans, a ton of tank tops (the cheap Hanes ones from Target, also affectionately termed wife-beaters to some), and 4 knit sweaters that I rotated constantly.  It was my uniform.  And you know what, no one ever asked me why I kept wearing the same things (actually no one ever indicated they ever noticed I kept wearing the same thing).  It was kind of an experiment to me, just to see if anyone cared (and guess what, no one did lol).  By the end of the 2 years, all the sweaters had holes in them and I was fairly bored with this same style so I moved on and a got a bunch of expensive clothes like those up top (I guess you could say the pendulum had swung completely in the other direction).  And non-coincidentally this is also when my obsession with expensive bags began.

Look 10

Wearing: Everlane ribbed wool cashmere crew {review here}, Grana V-neck Silk slip dress  {review here}, Grana Silk Ankle Pants {review here}, Everlane Modern Oxfords  {review here}, (Bag: Goyard St. Louis Tote GM)

Now things are getting interesting, right?  Having run out of combos I've finally came upon the dress+pants combo.  And you know what, since both are black silk (and from Grana, though it's 2 different types of silk--read more about it in my review of the silk ankle pants), the look is quite cohesive.  It's sort of a take on the Salwar Kameez, the Indian dress and pants combo traditional in Punjab.  And with the simple Everlane grey sweater on top, I'm really liking this combo.  I have yet to wear it out (since it's been raining and I don't really want to be getting the silk wet).  But once I do I'll report back to let you know if I get any strange stares (not that I care as much as I use it as a barometer to what's considered 'socially acceptable fashion').  What do you think?  Could I pull it off?

And that's a wrap on my 10 looks.  But Monday I'll be back with a quick recap of the whole challenge, some things I learned, the looks and didn't work, and also my 11th look, which is the most interesting yet.  Have a great weekend guys!