Winter 10x10: Look 11 & Recap

Hi y'all and happy Monday!  Do you guys have the day off today?  Well I kind of took a weekend off from blogging so this post is being written in real time today (ie Monday morning) so no time for edits (so please excuse any grammatical errors, lol).  Anyway that brings me straight to lesson #1 learned during last week's 10x10 challenge: I am not an everyday kind of blogger.  This post is a bit delayed because to be honest I think I have blogging fatigue.  Even with taking all of the pictures in one setting beforehand, trying to keep up with a daily writing schedule is just way too much for me.  So I'll be going back to the regularly scheduled Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting.

But what did I actually learn from this winter 10x10 challenge?

~ If you go through to all 10 looks you start coming up with interesting combos and this inspires you even more.  See Look 11 below, which is sort of the next progression from Look 10 from last week.  It's kind of a Southeast Asian military look, lol.

Look 11

~ Also I've learned that not all combos work.  Case in point:

Sometimes you have to try different combos, and if it doesn't look right to you (or feel right to you) don't force it.  Just try something else.  

~ I've also learned this challenge can help you remember why you've kept some pieces in your closet for years (ie the challenge can make you fall in love with your old clothes again).  The jacket above and the Steven Alan plaid shirt were not making it into rotation in my closet, but now I remember why I've held onto these items: because I love them and they truly feel like my style, no matter how old they are.  They're timeless when it comes to my style, so now I just need to make more of an effort to incorporate them back into my usual outfits.

~ Also doing this challenge with a community of people on Instagram is most of the fun.  The first time I learned about the 10x10, it had just completed so I tried it on my own (that's when I stopped at 10x8).  But this time around I was able to join along with others doing the 10x10 and it helps to motivate and inspire you to see everyone else tackling this challenge.

~ And even if I did this challenge at my own pace (#10x10x2, lol) and bent the rules, just doing this was worthwhile.  It really helped me look at my clothes a different way and come up with outfits I normally wouldn't have thought of.  So thanks #10x10!  I look forward to tackling you again in a couple of months!