My Favorite Phone Accessory

Since I'm a reviewer at heart, I would be remiss not to review one of my favorite phone accessories in recent memory.  So here it is, ta-daaaa:

What is that you ask?  Just an ugly black button on the back of my phone?  Well yes, but even better it pops out!  Lol, so I got this PopSocket after I saw it on my friend's phone, and what I love about it is that it allows me have a better hold on my phone (I no longer need to curl my fingers over the edges of the phone nor do I have to rest it on my pinky).  It doesn't seem like a big change, but trust me it's a much easier way to hold a phone (especially those 6+ iPhones).

Other Pros:

~ It can also be used as a stand to prop your phone up

~ Also can be used to wrap your earbuds around so no more tangled cords

~ Really easy grip for selfies especially

~ And it pops back in so when you're not using it, it's really quite unobtrusive (about 5mm).

~ Theoretically they're easy to remove and reattach (even though I haven't tried it yet).

~ And they have a bunch of different designs to choose from

~ Plus for a fidget-er like me, its addictively fun to keep popping the socket, lol

I was always thought the plus series of iPhones were way to big to hold comfortably so I I stuck with the regular sizes even though I would love a bigger screen and carry my phone around in my bag (as opposed to a pocket).  So a plus sized phone would be perfect for me, but especially now that I can use my popsocket.  Trust me, it's worth the $10.  And of course as usual this review is not sponsored, it's just something that I love and want to let people know about!

P.S. I've removed this popsocket numerous times now, and currently it's sticking directly onto my iphone sans an iphone cover but there's never a sticky residue left.  Also it's really easy to get it off and on, with the help of a butter knife (just wedge it underneath the socket to get some leverage and then use your fingers to gently unstick the rest).