Everlane Cotton Striped Tank Dress Review

Hi hi, I'm just tacking on this quick little post here because unfortunately this item is no longer available online at Everlane, but I wanted to mention it just in case you can get your hands on one (maybe second-hand or if Everlane brings it back next year).  But let the records show that Everlane once made a this cotton striped tank dress and it was awesome (with some alterations).

Anyways so the dress I'm talking about is the cotton striped tank dress.  It was around the time that the Gia Collection came out but wasn't actually part of the collection (but if you're interested, here are the reviews of the Gia tank and Gia shorts).  I got it in a medium because I wanted something really loose and easy for a maxi dress.  And it was the perfect size since the cotton material did shrink a smidge.  What I liked best about this dress was that it was ankle cut so that means for me, it was the perfect maxi length and not too long (I'm 5'4" for reference).

So in these pictures it doesn't look super flattering but I ended up living in this dress this past summer.  The only thing about this dress was that there were no slits to the bottom so when I was walking in this dress I felt like I was taking Geisha-like steps.  Otherwise I could hold the hem of the dress up (but that defeated the purpose of hiding my leg bandage).  So I just cut a slit in the back and sewed the hems (lol well my mom did, because I can't sew for the life of me).  Now I can take as large of a step as I want (but note that when you cut the cotton the ends to curl in a bit due to the nature of the material).  

Anyways so Everlane gods, if you can hear me, bring this dress back next year but just add a slit to the back (or maybe even the sides?).