Everlane Premium Cotton A-Line Tee Dress Review

Hi guys, just trying to catch up with all my Everlane reviews to prevent instances like this one: a review of an item that Everlane no longer has in stock.  This premium cotton A-line tee dress must be really popular since it was out of stock pretty quick, even after they restocked it (now it's not even on their site anymore).  And I can see why it's so popular, it's a cute fairly-universally flattering dress at a decent price point of $50 (is it me or has Everlane been slowly creeping up all their pricing?), which is lower than a lot of the newer poplin dresses they've come out with.

Anyway I ordered it in a size small (for reference I'm about 5'4") and it fit well.  I'm not sure why this dress is premium cotton as opposed to just a regular cotton.  It didn't feel any more luxurious or soft than their other cotton garments.  But it did have an unusual hem at the bottom of the skirt.  The bottom hem (from my fingers on down in the pics above) had a very stiff material lining the cotton.  It almost felt like a thin piece of cardboard (this is the same material they used on their Clean Edge Tee).  At first I was not a fan, but I guess it helps weigh the material down and get a clean edge at the bottom of the dress.  But I'm curious to see how it does in the wash.  Did anyone else get this dress and can you tell us your experience?   I ended up returning this dress since I wasn't a fan of the sleeveless look and the really small neck-line of the dress (I felt like it added bulk to my shoulders and arms).  Plus, I don't really need another casual black dress.  Also this premium cotton picked up a lot of hair/lint in the brief moment I tried it on, so I could just image how it would look if I wore it  around my dogs.

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