Blogiversary Everlane Giveaway! {Now Closed}

When I was an avid blog reader, and before I was a blogger myself (which was almost a 7 year period) I honestly kind of cringed at the word "blogiversary."  It seemed like a self-satisfying pat on the back.  But now that that it's my first blogiversary, I find myself wanting to mark the occasion (and really, to keep up a blog for the first year isn't always the easiest, especially when you start and have only your mom occasionally reading your blog).  So I was wrong to think of blogiversarys as ego-stroking occasions.  Instead it's a chance to thank the blog readers (you guys!) for supporting me with your time, your comments, and your clicks.  And what better way to support those who read my reviews (which are predominately Everlane reviews), than a chance to win a couple Everlane gift cards (which are also thanks to you).  And since Everlane is now offering free shipping internationally for 2 weeks, this is the chance to thank all my readers from Singapore to Sydney to London (ok well truthfully the bulk of my readers are from NY and SF, lol).  

But anyway here's the deets on the giveaway:

Up for grabs are two Everlane gift cards, $50 each.  

Enter by leaving a comment telling me what you would purchase from Everlane if you win.  

The giveaway will close on Wednesday June 1st, so you have a week to enter.  If you're chosen, I will email you a digital Everlane gift card for $50.  Two winners will be randomly chosen.  And if you are an international reader, you'll have 4 days before Everlane stops international shipping to put in your order.  Thanks again to everyone who reads this blog.  I am so grateful for your kind comments and continued support!

{edit: Also I forgot to add that since I'm not collecting emails for this giveaway please come back June 1st and I will announce winners as a post.  If you don't collect within 2 days, I'm going to announce a replacement winner just to be fair.  Thanks!}