Paying It Back Blog Sale

Hi guys, so I'm trying something new here again on the blog.  I talk a lot about "getting" on this blog (as in getting and trying new things from Everlane and Grana).  And I've been super blessed to have enough financially to start this blog and also super duper blessed to have you guys support my reviews with your clicks on my referral links (seriously I wouldn't be able to review even half of what I do if I had to pay for everything out of pocket).  So I've decided to give back with a "Paying it Back" blog sale.  So from now until further notice, 100% of the purchase price of each item on my blog sale over at TemporaryHousewifeyCloset will be donated to a non-profit organization.  So that means if you've been wanting to try some Grana cashmere, not only can you get it for half the price but now that money is going to be helping someone else as well.

Now about the choice of who to give it to.  That's been on my mind a lot and I've been reading Erin's post here and Leah's post here about organizations to give to.  And with the coming of Trump's pick of Scott Pruitt (a oil lobbyist and climate-change denier) as head of EPA and with incidents like this, I decided to go with EarthJustice as my current non-profit of choice.  So anytime you purchase anything from my blog sale, the money will be going to fighting legal battles to keep our Earth from getting too polluted (though really I sometimes feel like we're fighting a losing battle here, but we have to try, right?).  

And to purchase from TemporaryHousewifeyCloset, message me through Instagram or email me directly at  And just to let you know the instagram feed in the sidebar on the right doesn't update so please go to the instagram page to see what's still available.  I'll try to add more things over the weekend but I'll be leaving for Thailand and then Hawaii until January so any purchases after 12/12 will have to be shipped in 2017.  Thanks again for all your support guys and let's see where this endeavor leads!