a dark day

I know I've already posted my scheduled review for today but I just need a place to vent my frustration and disappointment this morning.  Trump was not my choice for president.  But if we are going to be a united United States then I need to just remind myself that for the most part, Trump supporters don't really hate women or people of color but that they're just the average American frustrated at the loss of their economic status and power.  So I'm going to give them and Trump the benefit of the doubt.  Let's see Trump do all the things he promised to do (though I won't be holding my breath) and in the meantime I'll be listening to this {Freakonomics podcast: How much does the president really matter?}, getting all my health check-ups done before the Affordable Healthcare Act goes away, and looking into taking some  self-defense classes (since Trump got elected all the bullies have been coming out of the woodwork in droves haven't they?).