Everlane Luxe Double Knit Mockneck and Luxe Double Knit Sweater Dress Review

Hi guys!  It's been awhile since my last post, mostly because I've been busy with the new business.  But I've been meaning to review Everlane's Luxe Double-Knit Mockneck and Sweater Dress which were the number 3 and 4 picks from the What Should I Review Next From Everlane poll.  I was actually really surprised when these were the next most popular vote choices because to me I thought both items were kind of meh and well...I'll let you be the judge but I have to say these 2 items were probably my 2 least favorite items I've ever ordered from Everlane.

First up, the Luxe Double-Knit Mockneck.  Now I know I might have gained a few pounds over the holidays and I know I'm not anywhere near skinny, but guys...seriously this sweater made me look like I needed to sign-up for Weight Watchers like yesterday!  I'm usually a size 4 on top and I ordered a small in this top.  The luxe double knit is a medium sized knit, not thin nor chunky but it' definitely quite heavy and warm.  The style of the sweater is pretty unflattering because of the general bagginess and honestly the mockneck made it look like I had no neck.

Everlane Luxe Double Knit Mockneck review

The Idaho farmer called and he wanted his potato sack back!

Anyway moving on to Everlane's Luxe Double-Knit Sweater Dress.  Of the two Luxe Double-Knit items I would say this was the less potato sack-y of the potato sacks.  Again I got the small (though you couldn't tell by the look of it).  Because of the heft and weight of the knit, this dress felt about as heavy as the chunky knit cardigan.  And here's some poses with the Airstream!

Please excuse the unconventional poses; I'm still trying to find the model within me.  Anyway this dress isn't terrible but definitely not worth the $160 price tag (and can you believe the mockneck was $140?!).  As you can guess both of these were returned to Everlane.  Well even though both of these items were quite disappointing, my love affair with Everlane is still going strong.  I've ordered the waffle knit turtle neck, the chunky knit cardigan in marled wool (the last chunky knit cardigan was in a plain gray so I'm going to see if the marled wool makes a difference), the street fleece bomber and pants so those reviews will be coming soon!

As always, reviews are done on items I've purchased for myself and are not sponsored.  Check out my other Everlane reviews here and you can buy Everlane items here (referral link).  Thanks for reading!