5 Things Friday

1. On Monday, Sprinkles Cupcakes celebrated 10 years of business by giving out a free cupcake to each customer.  My friend Ryan and I happened to be in Palo Alto that day (Ikea on a Monday is the best!) and of course we had to stop off and get cupcakes.  We didn't actually know about the free cupcake thing until we got there and saw a line out the door, which never happens anymore at Sprinkles.  BUT when Ryan and I first discovered Sprinkles 10 years ago in our "backyard" there would always be lines out the door.  Actually it would be our almost weekly routine to walk the 3 miles from our house to the original Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills, gorge on 2 cupcakes each, and then walk home.  #fatkids  Sprinkles cupcakes will always remind me of LA.


2.  What do you get when you mate kale with brussels sprouts?  Kale sprouts!  I'm not sure if this is a legit thing, or just something Trader Joe's cooked up.  But they were pretty good.  It tasted more like brussels sprouts than kale, but less cabbage-y than normal brussels sprouts.  I just sautéed with some garlic and butter here:


3.  I'm all caught up with Mad Men so now I'm watching one episode at a time on Sundays like every other Mad Men fan.  

I'm pretty sad that this is the end of the series, so I can only imagine the devastation felt by those who have watched the show faithfully over the years.  Is it weird when I feel a sort of loss when a good TV series ends?  When Breaking Bad ended, I felt as if my close friend's beloved cat had died.  

Anyway to fulfill my binge watching urges I'm currently going through Bloodlines on Netflix.  It's not bad and even though the mystery of it all is so blatant (as if the TV series is yelling "WE ARE SO MYSTERIOUS"), I enjoy guessing who's really the "bad guy."  Before this I tried to get through Sons of Anarchy and I just couldn't.  I gave it a whole season but didn't get hooked.  I'm also currently watching Game of Thrones on HBO and Wolfe Hall on PBS.  Addicted to TV much?

4. I rarely go shopping these days (shocking I know, for those who know me).  But since I don't go to work on a daily basis (or actually at all), I don't really need a variety of clothes.  And I've been trying to get rid of excess stuff in the house so really I try to move stuff out rather than in.  But I did splurge on a couple things this week at Urban Outfitters of all places.  I don't think I've stepped foot into that store for almost 5 years?  When I walked in I very keenly felt the fact that my college days were a decade ago.  But I did find a couple things that I liked: a pyramid jewelry case/whatever-you-want-it-to-be case and a rose perfume mister from Herbivore Botanicals (a shop that I once eyed on Etsy so I couldn't believe they were selling in UO).  I did a little table-scape with my new items, since why not?


TGIF y'all (ok I know that probably means a lot less to me than it does to you, but still it's Friday!)

Those ears are outta control!