5 things Friday

1. This sunset from about 2 weeks ago.  I took these pics from our bedroom window with my new Leica camera.  All pics are unedited.

2.  Went to a new bakery, thanks to a recommendation from friends, and it was AMAAAZING.  Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the food but I've been thinking about ALL THE CARBS since I had it a couple days ago.  I'm bargaining with myself that if I run today I get to go buy some baked goods after.  Oh and it's called Devil's Teeth Bakery and it's in Outer Sunset.  I didn't have their breakfast sandwich yet which is the thing to get.  But that's why I might go today.  A couple days ago I had the brownie, strawberry pie, bacon cheddar scone, and coffee cake (listed in order of what I liked).  Yes all of it.  Almost in one sitting.  

Don't worry I'm not eating my feelings or anything, it's just that good.  And I shared some of it with Brian so there's that.


3. And it's a good thing I'm sorta running again.  Gotta train for the San Francisco Half Marathon.  Wrong day below (It's in July) but I think that's the route?  3 months to train! 

4.  I didn't get the job that I interviewed for, but oh well try try again.

5.  And it's already April y'all!  Have a great Easter Weekend