Day 19-21: Crater Lake and heading home

It's finally THE LAST POST about this road trip, completed 4 months after we came home.  The last few days were spent driving back through Oregon and California, but we stopped by Crater Lake National Park in Oregon before heading home.  We went at sunset so the crater was highlighted even though the lake was a bit dark.  I would love to go again on a bright sunny mid morning.  It's supposed to be one of the clearest and bluest lakes because it's formed from rainfall and snowmelt, not from an underground water source (basically it's one big bucket).  

And this was our last morning in the RV.  Not a great picture but just wanted to capture the moment.

And we're home!  Ellie was so exhausted from the whole ordeal of sleeping in an RV and truck.

Last couple of thoughts about the trip:

-This trip was amazing and probably one of the best trips of my life (and I've been to Asia, Europe, and Australia), and I think that's because I started to get to know my own country better.  The vast scale and beauty of the nature out there is astounding.  

-And I want to do this again asap, but next time we're getting a better tow vehicle and I want to go further east