Day 11: Yellowstone

Yep, I'm still going on about this trip.  Sorry for dragging it out but since I'm over halfway done and some of the best pictures come from Montana, I'm going to keep slogging on.  After Jackson and the Grand Tetons, we headed north to Yellowstone.  We only spent one full day here so we definitely want to go back and explore the rest of the park.

As you drive into the park, you start seeing clouds of steam on the horizon.  And as you get closer you start seeing how massive these steam clouds really are.

Because some of the hot water from the hot springs empty into the stream, the stream starts to give off a little steam as well in the early morning (looked super eerie).  This particular morning was COLD!  But since the streams were relatively warm, we saw some fly fishermen in the water without a lot of extra jackets.  If you ever want to go fly fishing in the water during the fall, do it at Yellowstone.

Looks like an alien planet.

Also during one of our hikes we had a close encounter with a bison.  I took this picture peering over a rock.  I admit I was a bit scared, this guy was massive!  (Though looking at the pictures now, he looks a little gaunt).

Here's a picture of all the people waiting for Old Faithful.  I've seen it before and wasn't that excited the first time, so this time I just people watched.  I couldn't actually find any photos of old faithful even though I thought I took a picture of it.  

Guess you'll just have to be satisfied with this (tried googling old faithful gifs and couldn't find any):